◊ This American democracy is alien!

◊ This American democracy is alien!

By Deji Fasuan


SIR: Recent reports indicating that former President Donald Trump has been acquitted and discharged on an otherwise proven and open charge of inciting his supporters to assault and destroy the U.S. Capitol, home to the American Houses of Congress are, to say the least, alarming. No one had ever suggested that America is a paradise.  But going  by the open deliberations of about five days during which nothing was hidden, and the persuasiveness of the congressionalmManagers (we call them prosecutors here)  everything was said and open to justify a verdict of guilt.

It is strange that the U.S Constitution does not employ simple arithmetical calculation to measure majority or minority vote.  In most democracies and climes, 51 to 50 throws up a majority.  No, not in America where a majority of seven does not establish a superior situation.  I am much surprised that practically all Nigeria’s media – print, television etc. just reported that Donald Trump had ‘won’ the impeachment vote. They did not examine the process, or what led to the conclusion.

The Democrats in both Houses had already given up. It is so when President Biden proclaims to the world their democracy is ‘shaky’.  The U.S is operating a constitution which was crafted for the Southern warlords in the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries.  These slave owners needed state protection against the imported blacks whose only strength was their physical form, not protection by state law.

Certainly ex-president Trump is a by-product of the oppressive days of the Deep South.  He certainly will remain so until the end.  His exposure to education, business and politics has not changed his character or his orientation.  Happily for him, he has ‘won’ the Pyrrhic victory and in America’s law, nothing stands against his contesting or occupying any position, not even the presidency in the future.  This is so since the political arithmetic in America is different from elsewhere.  In Trump’s America, you can only achieve a majority if you score over 17 votes more than your opponent.  Elsewhere it is only one vote that carries the majority.

All the above notwithstanding America has a golden opportunity to re-enter the world. So much damage has been done to relations with Europe, South America, the Middle East, Africa, and practically elsewhere on the globe. When the history of the last four years shall be written many will wonder why a single individual had so manipulated or maneuvered relations between his country and literally, the whole world. Some would ask where were Trump’s friends in Europe and his new found love in Russia while he was constituting himself such a monster in America?

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