10 Activities to light up your marriage

Private moments for a husband
and wife are so important for any marriage. 8pm is a good time
for young kids to be in bed. So imagine if kids are in bed at that
time, suddenly you have that time you thought you could never
have. For dates nights if it’s absolutely inconvenient to go out, plan
the best for indoors.

1. Movie night – Select a movie to watch together, dim the lights
and snuggle up while watching.

2. Game night – Play a game, there are many erotic card games
you can play with your spouse (great for Christians too).

3. Dance date – you can decide to dance to slow or even fast music
if you prefer (remember to dim the lights ).

4. Spa date – give each other a full body massage so it’s a spa
date night but each of you will serve as the masseur for the other
(buy good oils).

5. Under the moonlight – if your area is safe and it’s okay to do
this, sit outside and enjoy the moonlight and just talk about what
you love about each other or just sweet nothings.

6. Karaoke night – Do you both love music, plan an indoor karaoke
night, you can find songs with lyrics on YouTube.

7. Newly Wed game night – see how well your partner really knows
you. Ask each other questions and for each question you get
wrong, take off a piece of clothing. You’re married remember,
nudity should be nothing to you. This is a bedroom game so the
kids don’t walk in.

8. Watch a sports game. Yes! Some women think it’s impossible to
watch a soccer or boxing game with their husband. But if it’s one
night a month to spend some recreation time with him, it can’t be
that bad. Guys can also watch a program the woman loves to

9. Video game night. Do you have video games? Play a game for
fun. Just loosen up and have some fun playing.

10. Romantic candle light dinner. Cook a meal or order to eat-in.
Dim or switch off the lights. Light up candles to set the tone for a
romantic evening. To make it even more fun, why don’t you both
dress up like you’re going out for dinner. Eat whatever makes you
happy. Most things eaten by candlelight with the one you love will
taste yum because it’s all about the romantic mood for that night.
You need to have these dates to keep the spark alive. One day the
kids will leave home and if you haven’t had these moments, you
wake up one morning and you’re strangers.

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