It is estimated that about 10 billion people in the world will be
hungry and malnourished by the end of this century because of
food shortage resulting from environmental factors. This was
revealed at the 12th inaugural lecture of IAUE which held at the
university auditorium on Thursday September 13, 2018. Speaking
as the 12th inaugural lecturer, Prof. Jane Akaja Onwugbuta Enyi
said that world wide farming is faced with an expansion in the
aggregate food production for ever increasing world population
along with expanding shortage of water resources and erratic new
water resources because of climate change, population
development and contamination and over consumption of
resources. She stressed the need for proper management of plants
by physiologists, breeders, and agronomists to relieve plants of the
agony imposed on them by harsh environment. Such management
she further said would ensure the continued existence of green
plants for the benefit of mankind. The university Don also
observed that plants which are the only source of survival for man,
animals and microbes are continually exposed to several
environmental stressors. Mankind according to her, depend on
plants and plant products directly or indirectly for food, shelter,
fibres, clothing, drugs, landscaping, timber, firewood, handicraft,
housing materials, recreational applications and purification of air.
The ICT Director therefore challenged plant experts to develop
strategies that would reduce stress to enhance sustainable food
Earlier the Vice-Chancellor Professor Ozo-Mekuri Ndimele thanked
the inaugural lecturer for reminding all that plants are vital to
human existence and should therefore be protected because they
are the essence of human survival. He described her as a great
scholar whom he has never found wanting, a woman of substance
and commended her for her brilliance, integrity and transparency.
The Registrar Mrs Hope Kue-Ikoro while making her contributions
encouraged the plant physiologist to open a plant clinic to attend to
the many needs of the plants to keep them healthy and alive for

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