10 marriage rules you must know

1. Have emotional maturity: insecurity lead to silly questions such
as, who was that on the phone, who did you send this text too? It
is your moment enjoy it; make him or her not think of that other
person you have in mind.

2. Make yourself pretty or handsome for your woman or man,
shower and smell nice, shower together at least twice per week if
need be, in the evening or morning. Remember clock never

3. Give your spouse total concentration and don’t get interrupted
during this time. It’s your time, treasure it.

4. Women, sleep on your men chest, say for 10mins before you
wake up in the morning, listen to his heart beat, his body
movement, it’s a great habit. Don’t wake up like a fox. Running
helter skelter, be calm.

5. Do not quarrel infront of the kids. Avoid it completely, sort your
issues in the bedroom or elsewhere not infront of kids.

6. Be sincere. Express your feelings: be positive and be confident
that it must work whether it’s you initiating it or him. lt should be
your focus, it must work. If you need to kiss him or her in the
kitchen, do it. Do not hold back, treasure any moment together.

7. Be that beast in bed. Be romantic, take your time, just think of
him or her, take her or him to could 9!!!… Do it… It spices up life,
life should be enjoyed, easy and with right partner full of

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8. Text him or her, assure him or her you love him or her, and you
are happy to have him or her, any time of the day or night. Call
them and assure them. Mostly women, they have a very fragile
heart – call her, tell her you care about her, you love her, and you
want to be with her all the time.

9. Forgive as many times. We all make mistakes either men and
women, we live by forgiving one another. We should see each
other strength not their fault. When you forgive, your heart is
relieved and you can fall in love again and again.

10. Kiss them good bye everyday as they leave, hug them when
they come back. It helps in helping rejuvenate love and know the
person feelings.
Spice your life up. Love never grows old, we do. We must always
fall in love again and again.
It’s your life, live it, it has no rehearsal.

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