10 things women do that guys hate

10. When She Can’t Take A Joke

Okay, don’t get me wrong, intelligence is a big turn on for me, but not when it is the only thing That is there. Having a good sense of humor is integral for every relationship from both ends. If one side is funny and the other isn’t, both sides will suffer greatly and a lot of different mood Swings will occur. Ladies, if you’re the serious type, try to loosen up a bit for your man because He hates it when you can’t take a joke. Be funny, be lively, be spontaneous.

9. When She’s Too Much Of A Drama Queen

It is completely normal for girls to randomly feel sad sometimes, but not all the time. If it is a habit of hers to find drama in everything and to cry every chance she gets, She needs to look into those matters and fix them because no guy will be that Patient. Guys work their best, good guys at least, to make sure their ladies are happy And content, but even they give up if they cry any chance they get.

8. When She Always Takes Too Long

Believe me, us guys have things to do too. It’s okay if the ladies take more than a few to get ready Every now and then, but every time? No. It is cute the first three times and then it gets old and Annoying, quite frankly. Speed up that beautification process next time you have your man waiting On something important. Think of the guys for once, ladies, you’re beautiful as it is – no need to Spend hours making sure of it.

7. When She’s Too Overly Attached

And we take the lovely Overly Attached Girlfriend Meme into account here. Ladies, it’s very sweet and Cute if you’re sensitive about your guy and you care about how he’s doing and how his everyday Routine is, but it is NOT cute if you ask him about every single second of every single day of his life With you. Don’t suffocate him, just like you, guys need their space too. Let them be comfortable with Their friends and family and they will automatically be comfortable with you in return. And here is a picture of the lovely Laina Morris.

6. When She’s Too Jealous

It is natural for girls to be jealous of their men, but it could also get annoying if it is for all the Wrong reasons. Your boyfriend went to hang out with his buddies, one of his buddies had His girlfriend with him, and she struck up a simple conversation with your boyfriend, that Is perfectly normal and you SHOULD NOT be jealous of that fact. This goes both ways, Trust each other enough to make each other feel comfortable in your own ways.

5. When She Gossips Too Much

Nobody likes a gossip monger, period. If you have that habit, of talking behind people’s back all The time, your boyfriend will start keeping a certain distance from you. It is a big turn off for guys If their girls are so involved in everyone else’ life that they forget their own and moreover forget They have a guy to take care of. A little gossip doesn’t hurt anyone, but keep it civil and limited.

4. When She Still Talks About Her EX

There is a difference between thinking about how bad your past was and always thinking about Your past. Guys don’t like it if their girls keep bringing up their EX in every conversation they Have, which is very obvious. Being clingy to the past will make your guy worried about your Loyalty that you think about your EX too much maybe you want him back. Avoid talking about Your EX all the time.

3. When She Complains Too Much

Your guy might not be perfect, but he might be trying to improve himself, there is no need To throw a tantrum every time you spot a mistake in him. Remember, when you fell in love With him, you fell in love with his imperfections too. Just because he forgets to make the Bed every morning, doesn’t mean you start complaining about it at that very moment and Ruin your mood and his.

2. Too Much Of A Gold Digger

Gold Diggers, they go as fast as they come. Guys, make sure you know who you’re Committing yourself to before you make the big move. Sometimes, you might give Off the wrong impressions and she might end up asking for more things that You might not be able to give her which might lead to a lot of fights and discomfort. Keep a transparent relationship when it comes to money and other things and lead A better love life.

1. When She Talks To Her EX

This is the epitome of hated things. If a girl is still in contact with her EX, it is not going to be Taken lightly. Ladies, make sure you cut off all past relationships before committing to the next One before you end up hurting him. It is the most hurtful feeling any girl could give a guy, when She talks to her EX, even as friends it doesn’t matter. Just don’t do it.

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