10 things you are suppose to do in a crises

Last Sunday we examined times and seasons, knowing what to do.
1. We saw our lives go through different seasons in a cycle. To
every season there is a way you organize yourself under God to
reap maximum benefits. (Jer 8:7)
2. There is a season where things kind of shut down at a level.
Somethings are still going on but the person who is living
according to his integrity in truth knows things have changed in the
realm of the spirit. What do you do in such times, some call it
stagnancy others crisis. (1Chron 16:29)
3. First of all, cultivate the habit of giving God the glory for
everything that has happened in your life thus far. It is a time to
minister unto the Lord. Go over your entire life; build an altar of
worship where the memory of some huge advantage occurred in
your life. Understand and practice God being your source for every
good thing in you. (1Chron 16:29)
4. Give God thanks for whatever you have in your hands today. To
him who says he has shall more be given and to him who says, “I
have not” even that which he has shall be taken. Your future lies in
what your hand has access to today. Everything has potential and
thanking God for whatever it is will release the capital locked
within it. (Mark 8:6)
5. Praise Him for what lies in your future, what He is bringing to
you. Never give up on your praises. Your sacrifice of praise places
your feet in motion heading towards God’s ultimate plan. Hold fast
your confidence about your future by rejoicing continually in the
hope of better things to come. (Heb 3:6)
6. Open your mouth wide and declare the promises God gives you
about the future. He will say to you hidden, bold, big and powerful
things in the scriptures. Place his words on your lips throughout
the process. In a time of crisis, we lose control over our situation
and this gives God room to come in and guide our affairs. He does
this through our tongue; He places his word on our lips and by that
guides us through the storms to His planned destination. (Psalm
7. Open up to an elder. Let in people who have gone ahead into
your life. Read their books with the intention of learning. Without
knowledge from the older generation, there is no chance of
fulfilling your mandate in your own generation. (Num 10:31)
8. Turn your weakness into His strength. You do this by rejoicing in
the supposed negative things that have happened to you. By this,
you remove the sting of death and the power of God flows through
that area. (2Corinth: 6-13)
9. Cease from focussing on yourself but rather launch out into the
service of God and your fellow man. Find out how you can be
useful to God by asking Him and then praying also that you may
become one who helps rather than sitting and seeking for help.
Prayerfully find those in need of what you have and help them.
(2Corinth 8:1-4)
10. Pray for fresh oil upon your head. Creative ideas, light, new
pathways this is the table He has prepared for you in the presence
of your enemies which causes your cup to run over. (Psalm 23)

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