1. Original ANAMBRA man will own a warehouse full of iphone 7 @ Emeka Offor Plaza and still be using nokia torch. Dear sister, don’t be quick to conclude on an ANAMBRA man until he opens up to you…
2. Original Anambra man can be building an estate and still live in one bedroom flat. Nne, no real Anambra man is too materialistic, anyi nemegodu investment before anyị ebịdo kwuwe okwu enjoyment.inugo
3. A real Anambra man can enter a bank with a Simple Flat slippers & a short knickers to deposit millions. Nne, ọ bụghị the size of a man that makes him a man, there is more than meets the eye.
4. Original Anambra man may or may not speak English fluently, but the guy na real first class material for book…
So, don’t allow sweet talk to fool you…
5.Original anambra man can own billions in his account and still be complaining he had no money
6.Original anambra can live in a face me I face you compound but his a landlord
7.Original anambra man don’t make mouth on argument concerning money Even when he have or not you will not know…they believe in action
8.Original anambra man will promise a girl heaven&earth
Nne if he didn’t marry you! That is story for the gods …
Is not because he do not have it or he do not want to, just because he believe in profit that’s all
9. Try an original anambra man in a fight you will win him but try competite with him in investment or business you will sale your inheritance…no be juju that’s their nature
10.original anambra man will take you out without taking anything not because he don’t want just that he’s calculating the profit he made from you
11. Original Anambra man no dey marry early ooo, not because he doesn’t want to but he is taking his time.


  1. Good post

  2. nice post

  3. True talk

  4. They are courageous

  5. True!

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