13 things that can cause disconnection in your relationship

13 things that can cause disconnection in your relationship

Bonding is one of the greatest issue in marriages. Too many people living under the same roof who don’t connect. This post will touch sensitive reasons why and how to get back connecting.

1. Any friend that cannot be friends with your spouse is an enemy! This will cause disconnections.

2. How you prioritise your partner will affect how deep they can be with you.

3. Choosing marriage was actually choosing a type of life; it will
not be convenient to your selfish cravings and weaknesses but it is
for your own good.

4. Your spouse has the right to have a say over who is safe to be
your friend or not. Don’t shut down this conversation, listen, discuss and decide the issue in unity. Conversations bind people,
otherwise, you grow apart.

5. Marriages actually fail when people get married and want to keep acting single. It is for binding, not boning.

6. Your spouse has the right to know where you are at all times even without their asking. Openness is a core secret of bonding.

7. If anybody on earth ranks higher than your spouse in your life you are wrong, you are breaking the bond. Show them they are unrivaled and no one is in their class in your life.

8. If your spouse doesn’t have a say in any area of your life, you have placed them under emotional abuse in that area.

9. Mutual accountability is God’s plan for your bonding. You owe them a clear conscience, open and sincere conversations.

10. If the rights of your spouse is making you feel like Marriage is
bondage then you are seeking unholy freedom!

11. Anything that takes away your capacity to be vulnerable to each other is taking away your bond.

12. Spend time together even if you don’t enjoy it until you find how to enjoy it. Make effort in the direction of what you desire.

13. Those who gave up on making effort to make it work never made it work. Keep at it.

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