13 ways to know if you are dating a real boyfriend

1. A real boyfriend calls his girlfriend more than three times a day and his supportive.

2. A real boyfriend is not afraid to kiss his girlfriend in public.

3. A real boyfriend says sorry even when his not wrong and correct his girl with love.

4. A real boyfriend keeps a smile on his girlfriend’s face. He never wants his girl to feel sad.

5. A real boyfriend never pressure his girlfriend for s3x.

6. A real boyfriend has nothing to hide for his girlfriend.

7. A real boyfriend don’t double date on his girlfriend.

8. A real boyfriend doesn’t cry about money issues. Because he wants his girlfriend to look beautiful 24/7.

9. A real boyfriend reminds other girls that he love only one girl, he also respects himself and gives respect to his girlfriend.

10. A real boyfriend plans for the future with his girlfriend in it.

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11. A real boyfriend says I Love you during an argument and he can do anything for his woman.

12. A real boyfriend tolerate and accommodate the short comments of his woman because he knows very well that her strength is not in her muscles but in her lips.

13. A real boyfriend let’s his parents know about the girl he loves.

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