15 facts you need to know before your wedding

There are certain tips you need to understand before preparing for your wedding, they are:

  1. Make the occasion affordable for those who have to take part,
    Make participation easy for those you need
  2. Be ready to cut out anything that can frustrate your plan! What
    is more important is getting married to your love
  3. Don’t complicate your plans to marry, don’t go about pretending
    you are worth what you are not! Be helpable without begging!
  4. Be supportable!
    Have your costs on your finger tips if anyone asked, be definite
    and assured in your response about your needs! Many couple just
    murmur and mumble!
  5. Begin the sacrifice with yourself! Cut costs on your desires then
    you can more easily convince your partner to do same!
  6. If you don’t draw a line between needs and wants and
    appreciate the concept of priorities, wedding will be harder to plan
    and a complete disaster of inadequacies
  7. She isn’t bad just because she wants some specific things!
    Understand her desires as she appreciates your limits
  8. Don’t criticize your partner for wanting a certain type of
    wedding! Let them know that if you could, you would do more.
    Then explain to them. Communicate! Don’t blackmail th
    em just because you can’t afford their original desire!
  9. No matter how you cut cost as a man, remember that this day
    means a lot to your woman! Make it priceless!
  10. What your money cannot afford, make sure your creativity can
  11. Guy, this conversation is not for you if you don’t have basic
    accommodation sorted out! Even if it’s a hole, have one
  12. Dude, this conversation is not to excuse your responsibility! It
    is to say well done, it’s not hell of a job; it can be done with as
    much as you have but you got to have something!
  13. You haven’t started until you appreciate her customs and its
    demand! Have this in view as you cost the plan!
  14. Never evade knowing the cost of basic cultural demands,
    applying Faith to what you know is better than living in denial
  15. It’s a journey on your wallet/purse, be smart


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