16 key notes to help your relationship and marriage

16 key notes to help your relationship and marriage

1. Marriage will ask your true character real questions. Your virtue will come to test; be humble to note where you need to sit up and what you need to continue to do to make it work.

2. Make a habit of reflecting deeply. Always assess your own performance and ask yourself what you could do better.

3. Great partners are those who are never satisfied with how much they have given, they want to give more – that’s love.

4. Look at your partner and realize that they deserve the best. Giving themselves to you is a big statement of trust.

5. Your partner took a chance with you. A risk you must not abuse; a trust you must hold with value. Make them happy.

6. Learn to listen deep in quarrels. Pay more attention to what they say; in it usually are unspoken hurts and fears that come out at
these times.

7. Wise people listen to the unspoken words of their partners. They can pick complain from conduct and adjust by observation.

8. Humility is the unspoken code of great partners. It is a considerate emotion that fosters peace as a core of life.

9. If you stay long enough in any relationship, you will realize that you can’t go long enough without grace.

10. Your partner will need your prayers like fish needs water. In the long run, you are doing yourself a favour.

11. When you begin to feel like you are giving more in your marriage, thank God for making you a saviour, don’t stop, pray for your partner to catch up.

12. When satan takes on a spouse, God will gain an inroad to restore the home, if the other spouse can yield to Him.

13. Many persons whose homes you admire endured and overcame more hardships than the issues that makes you want to end yours.

14. Don’t approach marriage like it will just work like that, approach it like a farmer: ready to till, plant, weed and wait for harvest.

15. You have never done anything perfectly since you arrived earth, marriage won’t be an exception, just give your best, it’s better than perfect.

16. Be ready to give it your best, pray for the best and enjoy the

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