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How to chase your dreams

We always like to focus on the romantic aspects of chasing your . But we need to talk about the ugly parts also: the ones that leave you wanting to give up, the ones that leave you battered and bruised the ones that take things away from you.
And these ugly parts of chasing your dream are the ones that determine whether you will get to see it come true or not. When chasing our , we have to be willing to sacrifice a lot of things and not just material things but important things that are vital to our lives.
You can’t just conjure a dream out of thin air and make it come true. You have to put your blood and sweat into it. We like to tell stories about strong women that have been able to achieve great things but we mostly overlook the struggle and sacrifices they made along the way.
Chasing your dream is not always like preparing for war and, yes, some people find it easy due to their privileges and resources available to them at that point in their lives; but for many people, especially women, it was almost like some sort of a battle.
Don’t give up when things start to get ugly, most great women didn’t find it easy.

Samuel Adun
Author: Samuel Adun

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