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Condom facts no one tells you about

Everyone seems to think as long as their sex is safely enclosed in a they are safe and protected against unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. So, the mantra out there is practice safe sex, use a , it works better than birth control pills. As much as this is true there are some crucial one needs to be aware of in order to practice safe sex in the safest way possible.
Here, check them out.
Double condoms don’t mean double protection
This is a popular misconception that needs to be debunked. Using two condoms at a go actually rids the protective latex of its effectiveness by making it prone to tear and leaks. Just one at a time will do the trick as long as it doesn’t slip off or break.
Ejaculated already? Get that latex off!
One rule of thumb every man should follow is taking off the before they go soft. This is a very effective way of reducing semen spills or your slipping off, proper removal is also as important as its use in the first place.
Condoms aren’t meant for your back pockets
Leave that habit for movie stars, the truth is warmth doesn’t do well for condoms since it makes them prone to breakage. Therefore, they shouldn’t be kept in your pockets, wallets or anywhere warm.
Use a condom having a built-in nipple
Well, you can always leave half an inch of the condom free just at the tip in order to create room for semen to spill into.
Oil-based lubricants damages condoms
Vaseline or any other oils you use as lubricants during sex can get your condom leaking in no time. Also if your female partner is on to any vaginal medications you could end up with a penetrable condom in no time.

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