17 facts on how to treat a woman – John Dumelo

  1. Don’t compare your wife to other women. You don’t know what
    their husbands are going through.
  2. NEVER expose your wife’s weakness to your family or friends or
    run to them whenever you have issues. Problems are best solved
    between you and your woman.
  3. Don’t think you are man so you can use intimidation, shout or
    violence to communicate your moods. Agreesive men don’t make a
    happy home.
  4. Speak gently and calmly to your wife. Never raise your voice at
    her, it demeans her and shows you think she is stupid.
  5. Do your responsibilities as man…don’t leave every to your
  6. Never blame your wife if she doesn’t take care of the home
    everyday. She is swamped with house work and helping you raise
    the kids.
  7. Don’t be wasteful spending money on drinks, friends and
    extended family.The wife and children are your first responsibility.
  8. S..x is also important to women. Her pleasure should be
    considered before your own.
  9. Never compare your wife to your ex-girlfriends. If you loved
    them so much why didn’t you marry them instead of your wife.
  10. Never shout down your wife or challenge her in front of the
    children. The children are watching. They won’t listen and obey her
  11. Tell your wife she’s beautiful even if you know she’s looking
    normal. Women love compliment.
  12. Don’t forget that women also want attention and someone to
    share their thougts with. Never be too busy for your wife.
  13. A prayerful man is a better equipped husband. Pray always for
    your wife and family. Don’t leave the prayers to your wife.
  14. Treat your wife like a queen. Buy her gifts, take her shopping
    and once in a while, cook for her.
  15. Please don’t forget your these anniversary dates. Wedding
    ,engagement,the first time you kissed. I beg you. These dates
    mean a lot to women. (Don’t ask me why). I also don’t know.
  16. Your mother should not have the final say in your marriage.
    You married your wife, not you and your mother. Let her talk in her
    own husband’s house.
  17. There are 5 days each month that you have to say “I’m sorry”,
    “yes baby” and “I love you” more than 7 times a day. That’s when
    she’s menstrating.

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