18 ways to keep a lady you are in love with and make her never think of leaving you

Do you love your girl and you don’t want another man to snatch
her from you? Then do the following things:
1. Give her plenty of attention. If you give her attention, she will
not seek for attention elsewhere. Chat with her online via social
media or else another man will.
2. Give her listening ears whenever she is speaking to you. Avoid
pressing your phone or reading a newspaper when your girl is
talking to you.
3. Do not promise her and fail. Do not promise her what you
cannot do. It is better for you to say you don’t have than to
promise and fail.
4. Do not be stingy. Avoid telling her that you don’t have, you don’t
have all the time.
5. Be caring. To be caring does not only mean you should be giving
her money. There are many ways of showing care; e.g show
concern whenever she is sad or in problems; be by her side when
she is in problems, do not abandon her in her days of sorrow.
6. Tell her daily that she is beautiful.
7. Tell her daily that you love her.
8. Play with her and joke with her daily.
9. Don’t be too hard and don’t be too soft. Scold her a little, and
pet her a little. Do not over pet or over scold.
10. Love her siblings, and respect her parents.
11. Appreciate her when she helps you to do something.
12. Allow her to advise you, seek her suggestions and respect her
13. Respect her.
14. Do not take her for granted.
15. Do not cheat on her.
16. Play with her hairs
17. kiss her on her forehead, cheek and neck. It will pass a good
message to her.
18. Let her sit on your lap sometimes.


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  4. This will go a long way maintaining relationship.

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