20 facts why black nations are poor and underdevelop

1. In the first part of this article, we saw how Africa once led the
world. The first and the best once came from Africa.
2. Africa was taking these giant strides at a time when the rest of
the world was going through the “dark age”; a period of mass
illiteracy, superstitions, and Catholicism.
3. Africa achieved her earliest feats without external influence.
Africa led the world using the culture of African education, African
poetry, African Technology, African literature etc.
4. Gradually, this culture got eroded with the rise of tribal wars and
Empires trying to conquer each other. The culture of learning got
replaced with the culture of war and oppression.
5. Africans began to take each other as slaves. Capturing slaves
became a common trend. A man’s wealth was measured by how
many slaves he had.
6. Now, there was a shift. Value erosion and degradation were
happening in Africa while Europe, America, and Asia went through
the Renaissance; a period of rapid learning, discovery, and
7. Contrary to what is often said, the “White man” did not bring
Colonization to Africa. The “White man” met Africans already
colonizing themselves and latched on it.
8. Local chiefs and kings were selling out their people in droves.
Slave trade became a very lucrative business for Africans.
Till today, Africans are still selling themselves out through
oppression, ‘big-manism’ and intimidation.
Fathers colonize their own family, Kings colonize their towns,
Priests and clergy colonize their congregations, Politicians
colonize and sell off their people etc.
9. Colonization completely depleted all that Africa had. Africans
lost their self-identity, self-governance, and self-reliance. Hence,
the ‘white man’ became ‘god’ to him.

10. The problem of colonization has become the problem of the
black man all over the world. Colonization has birthed a culture of
intimidation, oppression, and lack of self-leadership.
11. There are seven theories why nations are not developed.
The first theory is climate theory by Charles de Montesquieu. He
speculated that temperate countries develop better than tropical
Historically, Africa has proven this to be false.
12. The second is the modernization theory. This theory sees
modernization and development as a phase that all countries will
eventually go through.
Well, we all know that unless the right actions are taken, a nation
is not going to develop by itself.
13. The third is the psychological theory by Max Weber. He
explained the development of a country based on psychological
values and motivation of the people.
According to Weber, the development of Europe was based on the
Work ethic of the Protestants (Lutherans), their honesty in business
and their values.
Currently, African (black) Protestantism is more of a curse than a
blessing. It has birthed much of the warped values in the African
society; instant gratification over due process, miracles over law
and order.
14. The fourth theory is closely married to the third. This theory is
that of cultural and religious values.
Africa led the world based on this theory; when the culture was not
superstitious and religion promoted argumentation.
Current African religious values is that of superstition and
A country cannot develop on the foundation of superstition and
miracles, but that of logic and sound reasoning.
15. The fifth theory is an aftermath of other theories. It is the
dependency theories. A country that is dependent and not self-
sufficient cannot progress.
16. The sixth and seventh theories are Geographical and Market
economy-free market theories.
If we fail to build globally competitive companies, our nations
cannot develop, The world is a capitalist system and a survival of
the fittest. Black nations have lost their competitive edge.
17. Over four hundred years of slavery in Africa, the effects of
colonization are expected to last a thousand years. This is
because the physical damage of colonization is nothing compared
to the damage of the mind.
18. You and I must return to the original systems that once built
Africa and made her the greatest in the world.
19. We must develop a strategy that helps the black man heal
quickly from the effects of colonization.
The black man must learn how to build globally competitive
companies again, become as innovative as her fathers, stop
looking for jobs, start creating jobs, learn how to trade and not
war, collaborate rather than colonize, reason instead of religious
frenzy etc.
20. Finally, the culture of political, religious, and systemic
oppression must end. This was what marked the downfall of Africa
in the first place.

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