Is education is the biggest scam to success?

Formal education is the biggest ponzi organization that has lived beyond
and have scammed humanity. While entering, you will be told to
study hard, give it all your best, focus on your studies and leave all
else aside which you did and refuse to learn other thing’s, you
refuse to start venturing in business and skills, learn about
investments. After graduation you will again be told One year
National Service (NYSC) is compulsory for employment. (After
NYSC, bring CV for your employment) But after NYSC someone
without formal education degree will tell you Master’s degree is
prerequisite to get this job.

My young one’s, it is obvious formal education is not a requirement for success it is education for sake
of knowledge, that is why the topics how to be successful are not
thought in these colleges but you learn them outside these

1. As an undergraduate, start a business and fail it’s
better than not starting at all.

2. Learn about investments and how to leverage.

3. Network yourself and build synergy while in college

4. Acquire skills and try many other different thing’s

5. Beprayerful always

6. Learn about relationship, you will surely have a
life partner

7. Don’t make the books your world, make the world
your book.

8. Observe what the masses are doing and do the

9. if everybody around you is killing themselves studying
to pass exams study to develop yourself.

10. Discover yourself. Discover what you will like to become. Choose a career while in
college and start working on the career you have chosen.


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