Life of an African hustler

So since today is free for me let me gist you guys about my hustle for lag before I left
So after my Waec, I come dey stay house, my kid brothers them go go school come dey ask me whether them bring light, yeye shildren, after two boring days at home I told Dad I wanted to go stay with my uncle at iyana oworo, so from Mile 2 I go oworo.
On getting there, I decided to go look for a factory job, with my cousin staying with him too, so we went to Allen avenue ikeja industrial estate, when we heard that Ayman’s enterprise was recruiting, they actually recruit everyday then, I don’t know about now, one our Aunty’s friend was working there, she said they paid 3000 weekly so we waited from 7am we got there till 12 pm which was the break time, under hot Ikeja sun. Ohmaigod. They asked us to line up, the gate man was choosing only fine girls with fine shape,so luckily they chose me and my cousin, we got in got the form and went home, filled it attached our application letter and returned the next day, I was disqualified because I was under 18, hey god not again. I called my uncle he asked me to go to the nearest court there and swear affidavit, I did and waited till 12 again and got another form luckily as they didn’t recognise me. How will they when they employ 100 girls every day, so I went home filled it again and retuned the second day, they accepted and took us to an interview office, brethren they asked me to read a comprehension from English textbook, I did and passed.
Hello!! I got my first Job and resumed immediately
What was my job description, loosing weavons from pipes, let me explain, how weavon is made:
They get fibres, soak them in colours, to get different colours, the weigh each and get a particular weight for one weavon, give it to the machine section to sew, then pass it to the chemicals section to soak them and soften more like retouching one’s hair then to the pipe section to roll it and give it a particular kind of curls, we had different sizes of pipes just like we have different sizes of rollers. Then to the oven to dry then to the new intakes to loose them,
Next I will tell you about my ordeal in that place


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    hustle wisely hustle rightly

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    If u are not born with a silver spoon then, determine to use one.

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    I hear

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    True talk

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