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There are many people facing financial challenges, we hope to release those of you into a greater level of faith by these testimonies. God has not forgotten.

Today I was sharing some personal testimonies of financial miracles with some friends who are facing extreme challenges. I later read an inspirational news story that further stirred my spirit and confirmed what I told them. While sharing with some people, I was reminded of the exciting years I spent on the mission fields of many foreign nations. I have had the wonderful opportunity of living totally by faith most of my life and experiencing God’s supernatural provision until this very day.

Do you realize that El Shaddai (Almighty Mother/Father Goddess/God) knows your address, phone number and even bank account number? Yahweh Yireh (Jehovah Jireh) the LORD God Provider knows how to meet your needs and is anxiously waiting to manifest what appears impossible. It does not matter what country you are in, the economy or your status. You may be in a house, tent, on a park bench, under a bridge or in a vehicle – God knows your address.


Money is just another form of energy, here to serve the servants/sons of El Elyon – God the Most High God, possessor of heaven and earth. It is also given to help us establish his covenant in the earth. I have been very fortunate to have many encounters in what some would call the supernatural manifesting in the material realm.

I have experienced hundreds of dollars literally materializing from the unseen realm right before my eyes. I have experienced food, lots of food, pantry stuff and refrigerated food materializing. I have experienced driving 3 days with no gas on empty. God has sent various means of transportation on several occasion while stranded on the mission field, to get me to my next destination. We have even experienced being teleported; once while driving with a passenger. All of these events took place and were witnessed by others as a sign and to build faith in the unchanging power of God. God knows your address.

I have true stories (no exaggerations) of just simply walking down the street minding my own business and people (total strangers) walking as if in a trance starring at me. They would stop me and began emptying their pockets and wallets; without saying a word. Each time we were preparing for a mission trip. Unexpected checks would appear in the mailbox and when the time came to purchase tickets, more than enough was there. I remember an old song, “Tis so Sweet To Trust In Jesus…”

Did not God command the ravens to feed Elijah? Was not the widow commanded, even though she did not know it, to sustain Elijah? Do you realize that God has people that have been commanded to bless you, to favor you, to hire you, and to prosper you?


In 1998, I was scheduled to return with a small team to the south of Russia. One of my favorite places, especially during the summer was Rostov-na-Donu (Rostov on the Don River). After my first trip there, seeing the success of it and the pure spiritual hunger of the Russian people, I had planned on moving there. However, the Father was not in agreement with my sometimes impulsive nature. God had already established our ministry there as a prophetic ministry with supernatural signs and miracles through previous missions. This type of ministry was highly unusual in those days for most of the stoic Russians, steeped in legalism and liturgy.

On that trip we took musical instruments, clothing, toys and money to support the people and our works there. Also, we spent some time in Moscow before traveling south and into other nations. It was August, the State Department issued a warning for Americans traveling to Russia. Russia was defaulting and the poor economy was completely collapsing. The age of Communism and Soviet Empire was ending.

By the time we arrived, around mid-August, the atmosphere was more depressed than it had been on other trips. There were long lines at the closed Banks that would not open, people were trying to break in. The money (rubles) that people had was gone. Rubles that had been buried in the yard, thinking that would be safer, were almost worthless. It took nearly 30 rubles if my memory serves me correctly, just to equal $1. People were standing in long lines to hopefully buy a half loaf of bread. The shelves were empty in the stores, and there was very little to choose from if any refrigerated foods.

One Sunday evening while ministering in the rented theater that was used for the meetings, the Holy Spirit changed my message. This was not uncommon, but what He said was. Eye heard Him say, “Prophesy Prosperity and give them signs.” My momentary human thinking was, but the economy just collapsed and there is very little food, especially in the north. While I don’t remember all of the prophetic word over the nation and coming prosperity; I do remember a few phrases over the local assembly. “They would be miraculously sustained during the crisis…” and I gave them a few signs that would shortly come to pass.

One of the signs was, Eye saw rubles (money) would supernaturally materialize for several people at that specific meeting. (I had seen this type of miracle before and even experienced it personally) The other sign was, Eye saw a woman walking through the market place and Eye saw the wind blowing rubles (money) directly to her feet. If you have ever been to a market in a poor developing nation, you know there are hundred and maybe thousands of people compressed in an area shopping. Both signs seemed fantastic-plus the expressions of shocked on the faces of the people cause me to be concerned. I remember afterwards thinking, “God you really got to come through on this.”

Back at the Pastor’s apartment with his wife and 9 children, everyone came in excitedly to the room where one of my team mates and I were sitting. One of the teen daughters was having a hard time closing her Bible after the meeting, she looked down and large bill rubles began to literally materialize before her eyes filling her Bible. They were ecstatic and we were all shocked at how soon the prophetic signs began to manifest. A week later there was a similar testimony of rubles manifesting out of thin air. A few weeks later, we got a call while in another city that one of the female members was craving something sweet and praying asking God for extra money just for a small pastry. She only had enough money to purchase a half loaf of bread for her family. Sad, hungry and walking through the market place, what she and others thought was common trash blowing in the wind were rubles. They blew and blew stopping at her feet as she stooped down to pick them up. Out of all the people in the market, she was the only one picking up the rubles that appeared as trash to everyone else.

She was able to buy food for herself and family, and her desert she craved so badly. She stopped by to bless the Pastor and his family also and to tell what the Father had done. God knows your address!! We got a phone call and the testimony spread throughout the Krasnodar region. “I AM the LORD God, I change not.” The Father literally knows the number of hairs on your head or that you had – He will come through on your behalf.


What am I saying to you? God has sooooo many ways to manifest your request. It does not matter if it is $5 or $5 million dollars that you need. It all comes from the same Source. It is the same energy that’s been assigned various values. “For my God shall supply ALL your needs according to his riches in glory.” How rich is God??

Some religious people limit the God power within. They think God will supply your needs, but not your wants. Furthermore, we shouldn’t ask, because He knows everything, they say. Somehow they think by not asking (petitioning, releasing or decreeing) the Universe for natural things; is a sign of being spiritual. Have you come to the realization that money is very spiritual and material things are very spiritual? Nothing of itself is evil. Your Father/Mother God is not only able to supply your needs, but also your wants and the desires of your heart. David said, “The LORD is my Shepherd, I shall not want.” Have you allowed Him to become your Shepherd? He will withhold no good thing from those who love and serve him. “It is the Father’s good pleasure to give you the Kingdom.”

Don’t limit the Holy One in your life. Don’t be afraid to ASK. ASK largely and keep on asking and Act like it’s already done. “Whatsoever things you ask for; Believe that you have already received it and it shall be done-it has to manifest.” Mark 11:24

Ohh, but that sounds so churchy. Ok, I’ll say the same thing another way. What you are seeking for you already have, however, it sometimes take meditation and prayer for it to materialize. You are the Source from which all things come, but if you don’t know how to activate it through words, thoughts, actions and emotions; the energy to manifest will lay dormant. The Creator spoke and the Big Bang happened, setting the power of creation in motion until this very day as His Voice reverberates through time and eternity. Speak, ask, decree = Create.


Eye feel such an anointing to released prosperity today. I want to share another quick true story to build your faith. Eye feel God is wanting to do something for some of you reading this. There will be testimonies, please share them with us. Faith comes by hearing and hearing…

During one of our Mystery School meetings several years ago in Bellevue, Washington, I received some prophetic insight. There were between 30-40 people gathered that night. Eye was inspired to prophesy that someone there would receive a financial miracle and that a large sum of money would soon manifest in their bank account that was not there.

A few week later I got a call from one of the women, she was single mother and an excellent harpist. Over $13,000.00 was wired to her account and she did not know where it came from. She asked me what should she do, I said, “keep it.” Then I said, wait a few days, go back, check the balance, if it is there, speak to the teller. Let her know you have family all over the world and you only want to know where it originated so you can send a “thank you” card. (The family of God is worldwide)

The money was yet there. It originated in Hong Kong, went through Switzerland and landed in her account. Evidently, it was by accident, since she knew no one in those countries. We figured someone was maybe laundering money or something.

God had answered her prayers in an unusual way. She had wanted to move back to Hawaii, she was now able to move back to Hawaii. God knows your bank account number. Allow your mental capacity to expand and see the Bigness of God


Several years ago we prophesied how we would come into a season where properties, vehicles, estates, businesses and large sums of money would be turned over into the hands of the righteous by stranger. We spoke of how wealth and possessions would become almost as a burden to some and they would be commanded to release it into the hands of others and even strangers.

You may never know who is watching your life. You may never know who God has commanded to be a blessing to you. He might even send a non-human being, an angel to minister to your needs or wants. Expect God daily and also expect Him to use you.

Here is a powerful testimony that I found in the news today that reminded me of the word of the LORD and what is happening. A $12,000.00 cash tip was left for a waitress. She’s a Believer struggling with 5 kids and a husband. She turned it in to the Police- they initial stole it, kept it and claimed it was drug money. They only wanted to give her $1000.00 as a reward. They held on to her blessings for over 3 months, til finally today, after lots of pressure and prayer, they had to release it. Hallelujah! (If something like this happen to you-make sure the Holy Spirit is leading you to go to the police with it).

Waitress Get $12,000 tip


Father, I release the angels of prosperity to go forth on behalf of all those reading this message that are in need or have wants. Let there be creative miracles!! Allow money to materialize, just as it manifested in the mouth of the fish in Jesus’ time. Let it materialize literally as it has for me and others in Russia and other places I have gone.

Move in the corrupt banking system, let there be wealth transfer into the accounts of the righteous and those in need. I release divine favor, better jobs, increase business and opportunities. I decree Money that’s been held back, due payments and settlements to be released.

I release those that you have commanded to be a blessing to those in need to not procrastinate or make excuses – Go now and do it! Father, you know the addresses, you know the bank account numbers, you know where these people works. Send now prosperity to them. In the name of nature of Jesus the Christ. Amen! So be it!

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