These are the various ways to keep a woman you love

Do you love your lady and you don’t need one other man to snatch her from you? Then do the following issues:

1. Give her loads of consideration. If you give her consideration, she is not going to look for consideration elsewhere. Chat along with her on-line through social media or else one other man will.

2. Give her listening ears at any time when she is talking to you. Avoid urgent your telephone or studying a newspaper when your lady is speaking to you.

3. Do not promise her and fail. Do not promise her what you can not do. It is best for you to say you do not have than to promise and fail.

4. Do not be stingy. Avoid telling her that you do not have, you do not have all the time.

5. Be caring. To be caring doesn’t solely imply you needs to be giving her cash. There are many ways of exhibiting care; e.g present concern at any time when she is gloomy or in issues; be by her aspect when she is in issues, don’t abandon her in her days of sorrow.

6. Tell her every day that she is gorgeous.

7. Tell her every day that you love her.

8. Play along with her and joke along with her every day.

9. Don’t be too exhausting and do not be too comfortable. Scold her a little, and pet her a little. Do not over pet or over scold.

10. Love her siblings, and respect her dad and mom.

11. Appreciate her when she helps you to do one thing.

12. Allow her to advise you, search her strategies and respect her opinions.

13. Respect her.

14. Do not take her with no consideration.

15. Do not cheat on her.

16. Play along with her hairs.

17. kiss her on her brow, cheek and neck. It will go a good message to her.

18. Let her sit in your lap generally.


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