US denies having a hand in Zakzaki controversial treatment in India

The United States (US) has described as baseless the allegation raised by the Islamic Movement of Nigeria (IMN) that it colluded with the federal authorities to disrupt the treatment of their chief in India.

IMN chief Ibrahim El-Zakzaky travelled to India to obtain medical care as ordered by a Kaduna High Court.

But he has since returned to Nigeria with out receiving any medical treatment following what the Federal Government described as antics by the IMN chief to embarrass the the nation.

The group on Wednesday quoted a supply as saying that earlier than the sheikh Zakzaky’s arrival at New Delhi’s Madental Hospital, officers from American Embassy in India had “threatened” the hospital’s administration to not admit the clergyman.

“Even as the doctors were enthusiastically waiting to receive the Sheikh to save his life, the American secret agents have threatened the hospital officials not to go ahead to treat the sheikh at the hospital,” the group claimed.

But the embassy dismissed thr declare saying it has no touch upon the baseless allegations.

The embassy in a response to an inquiry by our reporter on the allegation raised by the group on Wednesday acknowledged that US maintain extremely human rights and elementary freedoms of all residents.

“The Embassy of the United States to Nigeria has no comment on these baseless allegations. We will state that promoting, protecting, and advancing human rights and fundamental freedoms continues to be a top priority for the United States. The right to exercise one’s freedom of thought, conscience, and religion is a universal human right and bedrock American principle,” the Embassy acknowledged.


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