Over the years i have discovered there are ways to recruit more
people to join your sales team. Today am going to share ten of
those ways
1. Don’t Wait until You Need Somebody
Rule number one is to always be recruiting! Rather than waiting
until you are in a bind, keep a continual search going for your ideal
candidate. Your recruiting strategies for sales have the best
chance of success when you are constantly on the lookout for
fresh, effective sales talent that are the best fit for your company.
2. Know Who You’re Looking For
Make sure you begin your search with an idea of what your
“perfect” candidate looks like and what qualities they possess.
This will allow you to conduct a more focused and efficient search
for your sales team.
3. Keep Your Culture in Mind
Determining how a prospective employee will fit in with your
corporate culture is an important step in the recruiting process.
Before investing in a candidate, ensure that they’re in accord with
your company’s values and work environment in order to create
lasting, productive relationships.
4. Tell It Like It Is
When writing a job description or posting, don’t hold back. Provide
clear expectations and guidelines that capture what the job entails
and what type of candidate you are looking for so that you don’t
waste time wading through a sea of unqualified or unsuitable
5. Know Where to Look
Rather than playing a waiting game, go out and look for the
candidate you truly want by attending professional events and
searching on professional profile websites. These kinds of
“extracurricular” professional activities attract motivated and
dedicated individuals who can devote that same attention to your
6. Seek out Passive Candidates
While passive candidates may be more difficult to recruit given
their success—they are currently employed—searching for them
can be well worth the time commitment. Putting resources into
searching for and recruiting passive candidates allows you to reap
the rewards of bringing candidates with skills and expertise to your
7. Balance Skill and Passion
Hiring solely based on a candidate’s selling-potential can be a risk;
you must take into account your unique corporate culture and
consider how a prospective candidate’s skills and interests align
with your company’s values, products, and culture.
8. Test Your Candidates
Don’t be afraid to put a candidate’s skills to the test in the
interview. A motivated and effective salesperson should be able to
demonstrate their sales acumen in a trial setting. After all, you
should feel confident that the sales person that you are hiring can
do just that: sell!
9. Advertise the Right Way
When you advertise a job posting, consider the places that your
ideal candidate frequents or where they will most likely search for
a job. Smart advertising can help you avoid wasting time and
resources, and gives your ideal candidate the opportunity to make
the first move.
10. Diversify
The old adage that variety is the spice of life applies to your sales
team. Just as not all clients are the same, nor should all of your
salespeople have the same personalities or selling techniques.
Diversifying your sales team creates the opportunity for
individualised service and allows you to create productive
relationships with all of your clients.


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