64 Achievements of President Buhari Administration, Presidency Replied Atiku and PDP

Following the 14 posers the PDP presidential aspirant, Atiku
Abubakar fired at the APC campaign organisation on Wednesday,
wherein Buhari is challenged to name one Southerner heading a
National Intelligence Agency under Buhari, name one terrorist
arrested, tried, convicted his administration, among other
questions, the presidency on Thursday morning responded in a list
which many have condemned as not attending to the Atiku’s
Here is the list of Buhari’s achievements as revealed by the
President’s media aide:
“1) The anti-corruption drive of Mr. President put to a halt the
exogenous leakages in the Agricultural sector to encourage,
empower, and enhance the locally made farm produce thereby
increasing our internally generated revenue (IGR) index and foreign
exchange capacity and reserve to over $45 Billion in cash and
2) President Buhari initiated the Home Grown Feeding Programme
which is designed to put an end to importation and market
monopoly of farm produce that can be grown here in our country
which is a pilot vehicle to sustainable economic, agricultural,
academic and job creation across the length and breadth of our
3) Under President Buhari, the Standing Inter-Ministerial Technical
Committee on Zero-Reject of Agricultural Commodities and
Produce / Non-oil Exports in Nigeria was inaugurated.
4) Under the Buhari-led administration, Nigeria has benefitted from
13.1billion Euros honeybee project
5) The Buhari administration has commenced steps improving the
standards of Nigeria’s agricultural exports to align with global
standards due to the rejection of our produce at the EU Border
6) Under President Buhari, Standards and Quality Control measures
have been developed in.
7) Under President Buhari administration at the end of 2016,
agricultural goods as a share of total trade got N212.73bn and
4.02 percent and Agricultural goods exports were 2.7 percent
higher in Q4 2016 than Q3 2016.
8.) Under the Buhari-led administration, Sesame seeds contributed
N6.46billion to Agricultural product exports in the fourth quarter of
9) In the fourth quarter of 2016, Frozen shrimps and prawns
chipped in N4.4billion to Agricultural product exports under PMB’s
10) Under President Buhari administration in the fourth quarter of
2016, Flour and meals of soya beans contributed N2.59billion to
agricultural product exports
11) Under President Buhari administration in the fourth quarter of
2016, cashew nuts in shell contributed N0.95billion to Agricultural
product exports with the Buhari-led administration.
12) Crude palm kernel accounted for N0.62 billion of the total
Agricultural exports under the President Buhari administration in
the fourth quarter of 2016.
13) Under the President Buhari administration, the agricultural
universities coordinating agency is being revitalized as stipulated
in the enabling Act which will work closely with the Nigerian
University Commission and development partners to re-focus the
universities of agriculture in the country.
14) The Livelihood Improvement Family Enterprises (LIFE)
programme was initiated by the Buhari Administration and it is
aimed at bringing life back to rural communities through the
empowerment of youth, women and other vulnerable groups
across the country.
15) Livelihood Improvement Family Enterprises (LIFE) Programme
initiated by the President Buhari administration is geared towards
promoting community-based on-farm and off-farm business
activities as a model for job and wealth creation amongst
unemployed youth and women in rural and suburban households.
16) Livelihood Improvement Family Enterprises (LIFE) Programmes
under President Buhari are expected to establish 150,000
cooperatives nationwide under commodity value chain groups.
17) Livelihood Improvement Family Enterprises (LIFE) programme
under President Buhari will establish and operate up to 1,000
cottage industries in the country, and ultimately engage about
1,995,500 youth and 997,500 women for enhanced productivity.
18) Livelihood Improvement Family Enterprises (LIFE) programme
under President Buhari would add about 5,965,000 metric tons of
foods to the national food store.
19) Anchor Borrowers’ Programme is an intervention of the Buhari
administration aimed at fast-tracking access of rural farmers to
finance productivity.
20) The Anchor Borrowers Programme (ABP) of the Central Bank
of Nigeria under the Buhari-led administration has made available
N82billion in funding to 350,000 farmers of rice, wheat, maize,
cotton, cassava, poultry, soybeans and groundnut; who have
cultivated about 400,000 hectares of land.
21) The Buhari-led administration has made provision of
agricultural credit for financing the production of rice, wheat,
ginger, maize and soybeans in Kebbi, Niger, Kaduna, Kano, Enugu,
Benue, Zamfara, Anambra and Kwara States.
22) The Anchor Borrower’s Programme (ABP) under Buhari’s
administration has provided a quantum of money for dry season
farming in 2015, wet season rice and wheat farming in 2016 and is
currently supporting the 2016 dry season farming in many states.
23) The President Buhari administration has commenced the use
of National Soil Map Data, with the promotion of the use of soil-
specific fertilizer formulations and application in prescribed
dosages based on soil types following the conduct of soil
mapping/test to enhance agricultural production and productivity.
24) Under President Buhari administration a resurrected interest in
agriculture has awakened among smallholder farmers.
25) Under the Buhari-led administration, Nigeria’s fertilizer market
is growing.
26) The President Buhari administration has signed an agreement
with the Government of Morocco for the supply of fertilizer raw
materials on concessionary terms to boost local blending to
facilitate making soil and crop-specific fertilizer blends available
and accessible to smallholder Nigeria farmers.
27) The Ministry of Agriculture under President Buhari is
facilitating the timely access of farmers to appropriate quality
28) The President Buhari administration has facilitated seed
trading locally and internationally through the application of
regionally agreed principles and rules.
29) The enabling environment for private investment in the seed
industry has been created by the Buhari-led administration.
30) Under President Buhari, the National Irrigation Policy and
Strategy has been developed and focuses on the need to overcome
the irrigation challenges and put available irrigation facilities in the
country into effective use.
31) The PMB Administration has assessed the status of
infrastructure in all the 12 River Basin Development Authorities
(RBDAs) hence, commenced immediate and effective use of the
facilities for commercial farming.
32) Under President Buhari, the Bank of Agriculture (BOA) has
been strengthened for improved delivery of services through
consolidation and recapitalization in collaboration with the Bureau
of Public Enterprises (BPE) to ensure loan disbursement at a single
digit interest regime in the agricultural sector as obtainable in
developed and emerging economies.
33) The President Buhari administration has approved the
restructuring, re-capitalizing, and repositioning of the Bank of
Agriculture (BOA).
34) The Buhari administration has secured the approval of a grant
of $1.1 million from the African Development Bank (AfDB) for the
restructuring of the Bank of Agriculture, aimed at staff training to
strengthen service delivery.
35) The President Buhari administration has embarked on the re-
validation of the claims of agro-dealers and input suppliers under
2014 wet and 2014/2015 dry seasons to ensure that genuine
claims are paid by the government.
36) The President Buhari administration has facilitated the
payment of the sum of N20 billion, as part of the debts owed agro-
dealers while efforts are on to fully settle the outstanding
37) The President Buhari administration has established a N50
billion mechanization fund to facilitate the second phase of
Agricultural Equipment Hiring Enterprise (AEHE) to roll-out 6,000
tractors and 13,000 harvest and post-harvest equipment units
across the country.
38) With the Buhari-led administration, Tractors and Implements
were rolled out in Ilorin and Abuja on January 12, 2016, to support
targeted commodity value chains.
39) The rising spate of hostilities and attendant insecurity arising
from clashes between crop farmers and nomadic herdsmen has
raised serious concern within the government. Accordingly, the
PMB administration has commenced efforts towards the resolution
of pastoralists-farmers conflicts through the provision of 55,000
hectares of land by 11 states as part of the 5,000 hectares each
expected from the 19 northern states for the development of
pasture/paddocks grazing reserves.
40) The Buhari administration has established 40 large-scale rice
processing plants and 18 High-Quality Cassava Flour (HQCGF)
plants with a stake commitment of China EXIM (85 percent) and
Nigeria Bank of Industry (BoI) (15 percent) through concessional
credit facilities of US$383,140,375.60 for the rice mills and US
$143,722,202.40 for the HQCF Plants.
41) The President Buhari administration through the Ministry of
Agriculture is embarking on a programme of distribution of rice
mills, of ten tons per day capacity, 20 tons a day, 40 tons a day,
50 tons and a few 100 tons. Collectively between them, the
capacity for rice milling will be close to 3,000 tons a day
nationwide. That is expected to close the gap between paddy
availability and mills to process it.
42) The President Buhari administration has established 10 large-
scale rice processing plants and 6 High-Quality Cassava Flour
plants to be owned and operated by the private sector and would
be funded by the Special Rice Processing Intervention Fund and the
WB Assisted Agricultural Development Policy Operation [AgDPO]
43) Through President Buhari administration, Real GDP in
agriculture grew by 4.11 percent in the year 2016, and this growth
rate was higher than that recorded in 2015 of 3.72 percent.
44) Under Buhari’s administration as captured by the National
Bureau of Statistics (NBS), there was a continuing strong growth in
Agriculture (especially Crop Production) in the Q4 of 2016.
45) Agriculture contributed 21.26 percent to nominal GDP in the Q4
of 2016 and the sector grew by 6.45 percent year-on-year under
President Buhari administration.
46) In the Buhari-led administration, the contribution of Agriculture
to overall GDP in real terms was 25.49 percent in the quarter under
review, higher than its share of 24.18 percent in the corresponding
quarter of 2015.
47) The Ministry of Agriculture under President Buhari
administration also provided 2283 bags of industrial salt to hides
and skin dealers in 12 targeted states.
48) The President Buhari administration placed a ban on rice
importation and that has saved Nigeria an average of $5 Million
49) The growing success story on agriculture in Buhari’s
Administration has prompted more youths to commence full
production in agriculture.
50) More than 7 million Nigerians are actively employed in
agriculture under the Buhari Government’s diversification agenda
and the Ministry of Agriculture is working to ensure that
Agriculture will offer 20 million jobs in the nearest future.
51) Nigeria’s milled rice production has increased by about 60
percent, from 2.5 million MT in 2015, to 4 million MT in 2017 under
the President Buhari administration.
52) The Buhari-led administration set up the Presidential Fertilizer
Initiative (PFI) to deliver commercially significant quantities of
affordable and high-quality fertilizer to the Nigerian farmer at the
right time
53) The Presidential Fertilizer Initiative (PFI) under the President
Buhari administration has resulted in the revitalization of 14
blending plants across the country, with a total installed capacity
in excess of 2 million MT.
54) The Presidential Fertilizer Initiative (PFI) under the President
Buhari administration has resulted in benefits which will include
annual savings of US$200 million in foreign exchange, and N60
billion annually in budgetary provisions for Fertilizer subsidies.
55) Under President Buhari administration, the current cumulative
in terms of IGR generated through Agriculture since the fall in the
price of crude globally has placed agriculture as the best
alternative for creating wealth and increasing our National Foreign
Reserve to an all-time high.
56) Nigeria’s economy has since bounced back after the recession
of 2015/2016 and has continued to grow back as the strongest
stabilizing economy in Africa under Buhari-led administration.
57) Through the Buhari-led administration, agriculture is already
ripe to be the next green oil and global gold the world has ever seen
and the green-rush will lead all roads to Nigeria.
58) Buhari-led Administration has revived 11 moribund plants with
a combined capacity of over two million metric tonnes.
59) In 2017 under the President Buhari administration, Presidential
Fertilizer Initiative (PFI) delivered 10 million 50kg bags
(500,000MT) of NPK 20:10:10 fertilizer at a price of N5,500 in time
for the wet season which is down from the price of N9,000 per
50kg bag in 2016, a 40% reduction in price.
60) Under President Buhari administration there is a higher
patronage for the country’s rail network due to movement of raw
materials and finished goods.
61) Under President Buhari administration, the bag-making sector
of the economy was boosted, with over 10million packaging bags
produced exclusively for Presidential Fertilizer Initiative (PFI).
62) The Presidential Fertilizer Initiative (PFI) has been able to
create 60,000 direct jobs and even a higher number of indirect jobs
under the Buhari-led administration.
63) The Buhari-led administration has cut down on imports of
agricultural products in order to enable self-sufficiency in food
production and consumption.
64) Under President Buhari administration, The Green Alternative
(TGA) was initiated, a major policy thrust to build an agri-business
economy capable of delivering sustained prosperity by meeting
domestic food security goals, generate exports, support
sustainable income and job.

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