Atiku claim of having 50,000 employees is only a campaign strategies-Olajide Abiola

Dangote is the largest conglomerate in West Africa and one of the
largest on the African continent with over 18 subsidiaries and
presence in over 10 countries. Has revenue in excess of $4.1bn.
The conglomerate has just a little over 30,000 employees.
First Bank is the biggest bank in Nigeria by total deposits and
gross earnings. Operating a network of over 750 business
locations across Africa, the United Kingdom and representative
offices in Abu Dhabi, Beijing and Johannesburg set up to capture
trade-related business between geographies. It has a total
employee of about 8,000+
The Lagos State public sector is the largest employer of labour
amongst the states in Nigeria. Nigeria’s largest state economy and
the 5th largest economy on the African continent. The state’s
public sector has a little over 100,000 in its employment.
Facebook and it’s Instagram and WhatsApp subsidiaries, with
presence and field offices in many locations outside USA and an
revenue of over $40bn (2017) has a little over 30,000 employees.
The Al-Futtaim group. One of the largest conglomerate in the
Middle-East and perhaps the 2nd or 3rd largest in the UAE with
billions of dollars in revenue has about 42,000 employees across
the UAE, Middle East and the World.
The Koch industry is the second largest privately held company in
the United States and the world. If it was a listed company, it would
be the 17th largest in the world. The multinational employs
120,000 people in 60 COUNTRIES, with about half of its business in
the United States. How does Atiku’s companies employ about 50,000 people? Where? How? Which of the companies? How many staff does ABTI
have? How many does his water company have? INTEL, his
biggest company by way of revenue cannot boast of 2,000 staff. I
doubt Atiku’s companies combined employs up to 10,000. The
numbers do not add up at all. It is either he pays below minimum
wage, doesn’t pay at all or must have a high number of staff
redundancy. Do you even know the PAYEE taxes he’d have to remit
to state governments on those 50,000? Per month? If Dangote, the
largest conglomerate in the whole of West Africa, and one of the
largest in the world, with numerous heavy industries to boast of
employs only about 30,000, which of ATIKU’S businesses are that
big that require such number of employees

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