Deeper Life Bible Church unveils the biggest and best equipped hospital ever built in Africa

It’s a 10,000-bed capacity mega facility that can see to the needs
of well over 35,000 indigent people in a single year.
It has Pediatrics, Psychiatry, General Out Patient, Burns, Oncology,
and 15 other such departments, all stocked with the latest
equipment necessary for such a world class facility.

The Surgery section boasts of state-of-the-art equipment that
rivals Johns Hopkins hospital or any of the best health care
centers anywhere in the world. It would be available to all and
sundry irrespective of their financial or social statuses.

The General Overseer, Pastor Kumuyi, says it would employ
thousands of Nigerian doctors and attendant health workers
graduating from the nation’s many health institutions. He also
hopes this would bring a halt to brain drain resulting from doctors
jetting off abroad to find greener pastures, as well as billion-naira
medical tourism the elite and politicians engage in monthly.

While cutting the tape to open the facility to the needy and poor in
society, the vice president, Professor Osinbajo, commended the
idea and quoted several verses from the Bible that showed how
Jesus Christ healed the sick, fed the poor, and generally looked
after the welfare of thousands of poor people around him. He is
excited that at least some people are thinking in the right direction
and emulating their Master, the Messiah, instead of accumulating
wealth that cannot travel with them to the great beyond.

On the part of the Lagos State governor, Mr Ambode, he showered
praises on the millions of individuals who contributed to build the
magnificent and well-equipped hospital, hoping others would
emulate them rather than gift their money to jet-acquiring pastors
littering the landscape, who in turn build mega businesses for
themselves and family to enjoy, yet, they teach their followers to
pray to God to solve their financial needs in return.
The Gbagada-based mega hospital is reported to be free to the
public irrespective of tribe, religion, or political affiliations, and is
going to be maintained by further contributions from faithfuls
across the country and abroad.

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