Grains of rice concealed inside kegs and disguised as palm oil is intercepted by Customs officials

Nigeria Customs officials intercepted kegs of rice disguised as palm oil.

The Customs boss said the smugglers were arrested at Idiroko bush, on the Nigeria-Benin border along the Lagos-Badagry-Porto Novo highway, while they were trying to smuggle the kegs of rice.

A video shared online shows how the smugglers disguised the rice to make it look like palm oil. In the video, the inner cover of the keg is seen with drops of palm oil in it. A nylon of palm oil is also placed in the mouth of the keg so that anyone who dips a finger into the keg will touch palm oil.

However, when the nylon of palm oil is removed, it exposes the grains of rice concealed inside the kegs.

Watch the video below.

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