The growing interest of youth in politics around the world

Around the world there is a growing interest in youth and politics.
Some political groups are changing to respond to the growing
number of young people who want to affect the political system.
Political ideologies appealing to youth that were once considered
“fringe” beliefs are becoming mainstreamed, and more young
people are associating themselves with non-popular political
parties. More young people than ever before are actually becoming
engaged in local community campaigns and other political

Youth can change the world through politics by becoming actively,
meaningfully and substantially involved throughout political parties
and beyond.

1 Youth Mainstreaming:
Advocating for youth mainstreaming can allow young people to
change the world by creating new awareness, opportunities,
policies, systems and cultures that foster youth engagement. In
political parties, youth mainstreaming could allow for children and
youth to affect democratic representation even in parties that
would deny them the right to vote or otherwise become engaged.

2 Running for Office:
Whatever age they are, young people can run for office anywhere
in the world as an act of protest; to make a stand; or to draw
Building momentum for single candidates requires they remain
committed to the causes that get them elected; pushing a political
party or platform requires staunch champions for youth in politics.

3 Youth as Voters:
Fighting for youth suffrage and demanding youth rights is a
platform for youth voters. Another avenue for youth as voters is a
protest vote. Going to a voting place and casting a blank ballot can
show youth dissatisfaction with the current political system. Youth
as voters can also vote for a youth candidate who may be foreign
to the political system, but young and capable of sharing youth

1 Education: In order to become engaged in politics in the most
effective ways, young people can learn about political systems,
political actions, political issues and other realities within and
around the political system. They can also conduct action learning
oriented activities that allow them to gain credit for their

2 Training: Training young people to change the world through
politics means teaching them the skills they need to become
involved. These include communication, problem-solving, change
management and conflict resolution skills. It also means
participating in knowledge-sharing activities designed to build their
capacity for powerful action

3 Inspiration: After 12, 14, 17 or 21 years of being told their voices
don’t matter in politics, young people may need inspiration to
become engaged. Never in history have children and youth been
seen or treated as serious political actors; given the opportunity,
they will be.
Inspiration from stories, parables, biographies and other sources
can help prepare and sustain youth in politics.
‘Youth can be leaders of tomorrow if we procrastinate

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