Samantha sat in the kitchen floor soothing her heart broken friend,
Clara who was stuffing her face with ice cream.
“Ignore the loser Clara dear, you are better off without him. He
wasn’t worth anything anyway.” Sam said as she dug into the
make-Clara’s-heart-better ice cream.
“Of all the times to break up, Joe chose Valentine’s eve to do it,
how mean?” Clara said amidst tears.
“I used to hate irrigation farming, but who would have thought I will
be enjoying my corn and coconut in February?” Fiona, said with her
mouth full of the excellent combo.
The three girls have been friends since uni days. They shared so
many birthdays, christmases, valentines and lost of friends and
family members together.
Sam was the ‘mama’ of the three, making sure everyone was
happy and well fed at all times.
Clara loved and she loved hard, always having her heart broken
and always ending up in the kitchen floor opposite the refrigerator
reaching for her comfort foods; while her friends listened.
Fiona however was a tomboy, she could only care less about men,
ever since Derrick broke her heart in 3rd year in uni, she avoided
the matters of the heart like a plaque.
So even as Clara’s heart has been broken for the umpteenth time,
she decided to stuff her face with corn and coconut and not ice
“Fiona, do you think you can possibly get a spoon and come eat
ice cream with us?” Sam asked her with pleading eyes.
“You know I am lactose intolerant, I don’t do well with ice cream, I
will just eat this corn and assume it was a dairy product.”
“Since when? Abeg get a spoon jor” Sam said
Fiona got a spoon and sat opposite them digging into the bowl of
ice cream. Eating ice cream on a kitchen floor came piggy backing
memories from university days when one of the girls will get heart
broken and need some girl time.
They were all successful young women and did not have to share
a three bedroom apartment anymore, they all owned their own
Sam worked a 9-5 job that paid well for her hours, too well
actually. She was engaged to be married to her childhood
sweetheart, Kunle.
Fiona was an entrepreneur, she quit her 9-5 because her boss had
an ‘annoying’ high pitched voice, and when he talked, it was like
scratching nails on a chalkboard. She said she couldn’t bear it
anymore and so she quit. She currently employs 15 people, all girls
who work in her travel agency.
Clara, after studying engineering, was now the head of an
architectural firm, she was the only female and she headed all the
men. If any of her staff were told she sits in her kitchen floor
crying over a broken heart, they will swear on their grandmothers’
grave it wasn’t true. She was strict and her presence alone
commanded authority and respect. She was good at what she did
and discovered that in a ‘man’s world’, she had to tough it up so
that she being a female wasn’t a limiting factor at all.
“I can’t believe Joe will do that to you, you guys were so in love.”
Sam said.
“I know, I thought he was going to propose but instead he broke up
with me.”
“So many girls will today start feeling a twist in their bellies, a pull
towards this guy, a feeling they can’t explain, and they’ll think it is
love. The foolish girls won’t know these are signs of ovulation and
so they’ll sleep with anything in trousers and guess what?
November the 14th, I will be visiting the hospital maternity and
hear them scream as they birth these innocent babies into this
confusing mess. Just be glad you are not them.” Fiona said in a
bid to make her friend feel good.
Both girls stared at Fiona mouth agape.
“Good thing to say to your heat broken friend.” Sam said
Fiona said she was sorry and in attempt to change the subject she
said “Have you thought of a honeymoon destination yet? I will be
happy to be your travel agent.”
Sam gave her the side eye.
“That’s okay,” Clara said “Let’s change the subject to something
happy, like honeymooning.”
“We were thinking Seychelles or Zanzibar or maybe Morocco? You
know the safari is calling my name.” She laughed.
“Keeping it in Africa I see.” Clara said.
“Yeah, Africa has a lot of unexplored lands.” Sam said all excited.
“Don’t forget the beauty and diverse cultures. I always encourage
my clients to explore Africa, most don’t, but for the few that do,
their expressions when they return is worth the hundreds that
looked at me like I had gone nuts to suggest Africa as a holiday
At Sam’s wedding, Clara couldn’t contain the tears, most thought
she was happy for her friend but only the bride and Fiona knew
she was frustrated about her love life or the absence thereof.
Fiona hugged her and help sooth her broken heart yet again, even
though she felt it was selfish to soil their friend’s happiest day with
her tears.
Fiona’s house was all done and ready, she called Sam in
Seychelles honeymooning to tell her. Sam said she had to be there
for the house warming party, so Fiona moved the date.
On a windy day when she was over the new house to oversee the
cleaning, she held a hose to water the masquerade trees in front of
her very low rise fence ~ Fiona never understood why people build
beautiful eye candy houses and then build ugly high rise eye sore
fences, apparently to keep robbers out but to her, the man behind
the fence is the robber, forever caging himself in a maximum
security prison. As she watered her trees, it was quite windy and of
all the days, she chose today to wear a short flare dress.
A strong breeze blew her dress and she quickly dropped the hose
and tried to hold it down.
A black range rover stopped by.
“Do you need help keeping it down?” The man in the range said. He
looked to be in his late thirties early forties.
“I’m sorry, that was inappropriate.”
“That’s okay,” Fiona said laughing “I don’t do dresses, here is a
hundredth reason why.”
He laughed “Dresses are good. Johnson,” he said stretching his
hand out his wound down window.
“Fiona,” she said and waved “you are sitting in your car and I am
watering my plant.”
“I am so sorry, not gentlemanly at all” he said and walked out his
car to shake her hands.
“Let’s start again, shall we?” he said “Johnson, of Abel and
Johnson savings and loans. I am a mortgage broker, I live in
house 4322.”
“Fiona, entrepreneur, just prepping for my house warming next
week. So I guess we will be neighbours then.”
“Yes, we will be. I wish we met earlier so you could have used our
company to get your mortgage. So what sort of business do you
“Travel agent. And no, I wouldn’t have used your company
because I wouldn’t have needed it. I may not be able to sleep for
years with such mortgage to my name.”
“Come on, it’s not that bad. Anyway, nice meeting you Fiona and I
hope I make it to your list of nice new neighbours,” he said making
air quotes “I will be happy if you could help me with my next
“Of course” she said.
“I will leave now.”
“Ok, bye.”
He walked to his car and turned around.
“Does that mean I am not invited to your house warming?”
“Forgive my manners,” Fiona said laughing, she loved that he was
very forward “Here is an invite for you and a ‘plus one’, it’s on
Thursday, 4pm until I kick everyone out.”
“Thank you. Too bad, I haven’t got a girlfriend, would have asked
you to be my ‘plus one’ but then it is your party and you would be
there anyway.” he said as he got into the car.
For a hot guy like that, Fiona will gladly be a guest at her own party
to be his plus one. “I’d be happy to,” she said under her breath and
was surprised he caught that.
“Great, it’s a date in your house then.” They both laughed and he
zoomed off.
At the house warming, most were in awe of the size of the house, a
duplex, 2 massive living rooms, 4 rooms, 4 toilets and a guest one
downstairs. A balcony overseeing the beautiful view of other
residential homes and the back balcony overseeing her beautiful
garden. Three car parking spaces even though the front can
comfortably park over a dozen cars. She outdid herself.
The three friends locked themselves in her masters bedroom,
because Clara said they needed to talk.
“Everyone is thinking it Fiona, so I will just say it. What were you
thinking? This house is too massive, you don’t need it. how can
you find a man when you drive a Mercedes C class and built a
mansion like this?”
“Clara don’t, please.” Sam said.
“No Sam, someone has to tell her. Men will be scared of her. She
will die old and single and her 3 cats will feed on her body.”
“What the hell Clara,” Fiona could not believe this was coming
form her friend “the least you could do was be happy for me. Yes
not all of us fall in love as much as you and have our heart broken,
maybe some of us have dwelt too long nursing a broken heart over
an idiot that broke our heart in 3rd year in uni. This is my way of
nudging myself to move on, to heal and to let someone in. And you
know what Clara, the man that will be more comfortable when I
live in a rented apartment in the slums and enter buses to feed his
ego is the kind of man I am NOT interested in.
You can continue to live like that, giving your heart to boys to play
soccer with, when you can build yourself a comfortable house as
the engineer that you are, and give your heart to real men that
understand what true love is, your choice.
And don’t you ever think you can judge my love life, you who is
scared to be alone, always in a relationship even when it feels
wrong. I’d rather die alone with my 20 cats than be in a wrong
relationship.” Fiona hissed and pushed Sam out of her way as she
reached the door.
As she got down the stairs, she ran into Johnson, “Aha, there you
are” he handed her a bouquet of flowers.
Looking at the flower, she couldn’t help but laugh really loudly
“This is quite unique, calla lillies, lilly of the valley and pink and red
roses all in one bunch? Who made these?”
“I did. Something special, unique and multifaceted as you.”
“Only you Johnson, only you.”
Author’s note:
Hey, happy valentine’s day and Ash Wednesday. Let’s be safe as
we celebrate. The story was dragging too long, I could not push it
further as the word count was less than 100 short of 2000. There
might or might not be a second part to this story, anyway, show
love to friends, family and neighbours, you just might find one like


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