Nigerian lady narrates how she lost her father who she has not seen for 9 years to Coronavirus

A Nigerian lady has narrated how she lost her father who she has not seen for 9 years to Coronavirus. 


@its_luchyee who disclosed that her father went through a transplant prior to contracting the disease, added that he never left the house but contracted it from a visitor. 


She tweeted; 


I just lost my dad to Covid. I hadn’t seen him in 9 years. He was away receiving treatment. Finally got a transplant and then this… Covid wasn’t supposed to happen He didn’t leave his house since early last year, yet someone brought it to him.

I know you might not care about yourself. But you’re accountable to the families of people around you. Stop being an irresponsible retard.

I can’t describe the pain I felt talking to him for weeks while he was in coma. Giving him reasons to come back. He held on. He fought. But it’s fine.

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