● Boko Haram regrouping in Nasarawa, Sule tells Buhari

By Bolaji Ogundele, Abuja

Suspected member of the terror sect, Boko Haram, at the moment are relocating to Nasarawa State in numbers, inflicting safety issues, Governor Abdulahi Sule alerted President Muhammadu Buhari on Friday.

The governor briefed the President on the on the problem yesterday after which he spoke to reporters.

According to him, the Boko Haram members have been dislodged from a location alongside the Abuja/Nasarawa borders final yr, just for them to resurface at the Nasarawa/Benue State borders.

They are already wrecking new kinds of havoc, he stated, amidst stories that bandits killed seven troopers in the state on Monday.

He stated some of the Boko Haram parts lively in the Nasarawa State belong to the Darussalam group that was dislodged from Niger State.

Some of them have been killed throughout the joint safety operation, and about 900 others arrested.

The governor maintained that these arrested confirmed their membership of the Boko Haram insurgency group.

Sule stated Nasarawa had continued to have safety challenges, noting that having briefed the president, he’s assured that motion will be taken to curtail the menace.

Speaking on the safety scenario in his state, the governor stated “”We thank the safety forces that they’ve been in a position to dislodge them, however now, they’ve gone again and gathered at our border with Benue and they’re inflicting loads of havoc.

“Therefore, it (this meeting) was an opportunity as Mr. President wanted to know, and I briefed him. I strongly believe that just like decision was taken last time to take care of this issue, another decision will be taken.”

Asked how he was sure that the criminals he was speaking about have been Boko Haram and not bandits, the governor stated: “First and foremost, it was simple for us to know who these individuals are.

“If you keep in mind, they used to collect at a spot referred to as Utu in Toto Local Government Area (LGA). When I got here right here the final time, I appealed to Mr. President.

“Then, the division of State Services (DSS), the Police, the Air Force, and the Army had a joint operation and they have been in a position to dislodge them.

“When they dislodged them, loads of them have been killed. Some of them ran away and left members of their households. We took hostage about 900 members of their households in Lafia, together with youngsters and wives.

“The Special Forces, which we now have in Doma, Nasarawa State, took the hostages. Loads of interrogations have been performed and most of them confirmed that they have been certainly Boko Haram. In truth, they gave us the identify of the one that used to be like the second-in-command to Shekau.

“So, during the interrogation, they confirmed themselves that they were indeed Boko Haram. Some of them said they were remnants of Darussalam group that were dislodged from Niger. They came, merged, and became Boko Haram. That is how we got our confirmation that they were indeed Boko Haram. They said it themselves.”

PremiumTimes reported on Friday that seven troopers have been killed in the state throughout an assault by bandits solely final Monday.

The troopers have been allegedly ambushed in a forest alongside Mararaba/Udege street in Nasarawa Local Government Area.

The troopers have been on a mission to rescue some residents who had been kidnapped by bandits and taken into the bush.

Asked about mining operations in the state, Governor Sule stated extra consideration would subsequently be paid to the mine areas.

“The different query, Nasarawa, being the residence of stable minerals, and wherever the place there are stable minerals, there are loads of unlawful mining actions. Coincidentally, these individuals are not in stable minerals. Unlike the scenario in Zamfara, the those that we now have seen don’t have interaction in mining actions.

“But your query now makes to begin fascinated about one thing. So far, no mining web site has ever been attacked. When they assault individuals, they don’t kidnap individuals from mining websites. And we now have loads of mining actions in the State. But most of our mining actions are not precisely the place these individuals are positioned.

“But in Toto, we now have loads of mining actions round Ugia, and the place these individuals settle is definitely Utu. We have some mining actions in Udege and they went to choose the hill of Aguagua Aigodege.

“Now, I see a little connection there. And we have mining activities where they are at the moment at the border. Now that you have mentioned it from your question, maybe we can look at it”, he stated.

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