I killed, many injured as  Hausa/ Yoruba clash  in Lagos

By Christopher Oji
There was pandemonium at  Agboju ,along Mile2-Badagey Expressway, Lagos as Hausa and Yoruba clash escalated. It was gathered that an Hausa man was having an argument with a Yoruba commercial Motorcycle rider (Okada) and the argument degenerated into a fisticuff .

It was gathered further that when the Yoruba man was having upper hands, a group of the Hausa, joined hands with their brother to  beat the man to death and set him ablaze with his Motorcycle.

The action angered the Yoruba who went for reprisal and engaged the Hausa in a free for all. The fight which lasted for hours caused pandemonium as people scampered for safety.

A witness, Tolani said :” I don’t really know what transpired between the Hausa and the Yoruba guy; who ever was at fault should not have warranted the kind of jungle justice given to the deceased. He was beaten by many people and set ablaze with his Motorcycle. What a callous way to treat a fellow  human being. Many people were injured before the Police came and took over the scene.

” I noticed that the fight was at the FEATAC side of Agboju, but the people at the Satellite side, regrouped and joined hands with there people to confront the Hausa who were armed with daggers, charms and other cudgels. I don’t know why the Hausa should be treating their host community who welcome them with open hearts.

” I saw the Divisional Police Officers Agboju and FEATAC pleading with the angry  youths to sheath their swords , promising that the case would be investigated and the culprits brought to book. I hope the case will be investigated. But in all sincerity, I must appreciate the Police the way they averted the serious ethnic clash that would have erupted”.

A Police officer who spoke on the condition of anonymity as he was not supposed to speak to the press, said:” Only those who witnessed what happened will appreciate the reactiveness of the police. All the divisions under Area E Command were mobilised and they moved to the scene and took over the scene. I thank God that situation was put under control. Imagine the magnitude of the damage that would have been done , considering the number of Containers and Fuel Tankers that are on traffic everyday”.

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