Female Abuja Bolt Driver Who Makes N390,000 Monthly Shares Experience

When many Nigerians are struggling every day to get paid employment due to the rising unemployment rate in the country, such could not be said of
Hanatu Jubrin who is one of the female Bolt drivers in Abuja.

Jubrin told Nairalovers that despite the scarcity of jobs which had led to the huge unemployment rate in the country, she is not prepared to take any paid job that the salary is less than N350,000.

This, according to her, is because she currently earns above that amount monthly by being a Bolt driver.

Jubrin told this Website that she was motivated to to join the business in order to make money after successive failure to secure a tangible white collar job in 2011.

The 30- year old female driver who is from Zamfara State only signed up with the ride hailing business  early January 2021 and  has so far completed 123 trips.

But the new bolt driver is not new to the terrains of the Federal Capital Territory, as she finished her secondary and tertiary education in the FCT and nearby Nasarawa State.

She said her  family relocated from Lagos to Abuja in 1997.

Jubrin who studied Business Administration from the Nasarawa State University and graduated in 2011, estimated her daily earnings from the business to be in the region of N15,000.

She said based on her daily cashflow, about N350,000 is earned monthly through the ride hailing service.

She said, “What motivated me was money. It’s been fine. It is something I can recommend to others to do instead of sitting at home doing nothing. I cannot tell you exactly how much I make but on average lets say N15,000 daily.

“Sometimes it could be less, sometimes more. One has to hustle because no one will give you money. I can’t leave this business for a job that pays less than N350,000 monthly.”

Hanatu Jubrin, Abuja Based Bolt Driver

Jubrin 30, who said she has not been sexually harassed confessed that one of her greatest challenges as a female driver was “rude and annoying people.” 

She said, “Sexual harassment, no I have never experienced such. I am careful with the people I carry. I am lucky to meet very nice people most of the time.

“In very few cases have I carried some annoying people. Surprisingly men. Women are mostly nicer to me.

“By annoying  I meant how people speak to you. Some of them are just rude for no reason. But then it’s a business we have no option than to be patient with everyone.”

Hanatu Jubrin, Abuja Based Bolt Driver

The female Bolt driver said while everyone would expect men to be nicer to her, she has been “cheated by two of them.”

Jubrin said she has fallen prey to some male clients who defrauded her while she was rendering service.

Describing the cases she said a male “ran with my money after the trip,” while another case was a “promised and failed transfer.”

But she did not only fall prey to male clients, according to her, a dubious female client has sent her a fake alert.

She said, “A lady has sent me a fake transfer before. But then I don’t let things like that bother me.”

Jubrin said she has received huge support from her family, adding that the “job has taught me patience especially with people.”

Hanatu Jubrin, Abuja Based Bolt Driver

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