Group fumes as tension over Sen Yaroe’s ‘anti-Fulani’ comment persists

By Onimisi Alao, Yola

A Fulani group, Tabital Pulaaku International (TPI) has expressed anger over a recent ‘anti-Fulani’ comment by Sen Binos Yaroe who represents Adamawa South District in the National Assembly.

The senator had on the floor of the Senate last month said pastoral Fulani men are mostly behind kidnapping around the country, a remark which has been generating a lot of heat for the senator whose constituency has a huge chunk of the Fulbe-speaking people.

“The unfortunate thing in his hate speech narrative, which claimed that Fulbe elite are responsible for arming their wayward kinsmen among pastoralists, leaves much to be desired,” the TPI said in a statement.

The group, in the statement signed by its chairman, Murtala Aliyu and Secretary General, Ahmed Shehu said it rejects Sen Binos Yaroe’s conclusions in “ethnic profiling”.

The Tabital Pulaaku International insists in its statement that the tone and timing of the senator’s remark and the platform where he made it were both unguarded and grossly unbecoming of a person of his caliber.

“Coming from such a supposedly distinguished Senator of the Federal Republic who is expected to focus on unifying the people and providing hope and social services to his constituents, the legislator ended up disappointing a significant component of the people he represents,” the group added.

It told the senator to remember next time that no one chooses his tribe, faith or birthplace, and to be careful what hurtful view he expresses against any set of people, especially people he has benefitted from on personal fronts.

The group stated, “It is exceedingly ironic that a beneficiary of Fulbe hospitality like Senator Binos Dauda Yaroe could demonstrate such magnitude of ingratitude to the fingers which actually fed him.

“It is on record that the distinguished Senator spent seven of his teenage years at the home of Alhaji Usman Hamman-Yero Nyako, enjoying the Fulbe hospitality, where he successfully acquired his primary school education. And because of this, he adopted the family name of Hamman-Yero at primary school, but cleverly shortened it to only ‘YERO’ afterwards.”

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