UN strongly condemns Boko Haram attack on civilians, aid facility  

From Timothy Olanrewaju, Maiduguri

The United Nations’ Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator in Nigeria, Mr Edward Kallon, has condemned a Boko Haram attack on civilians, an aid facility and a hospital in Dikwa, Borno.

Kallon, in a statement, described the Monday night attack on the UN hub and Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) as outrageous

‘I am gravely preoccupied by reports of an ongoing violent attack by non-state armed groups in Dikwa, Borno State, during which several aid facilities were directly targeted,’ the UN Coordinator said.

He disclosed that the attack started on Monday night, adding that he was outraged to hear that the premises of several aid agencies and a hospital were reportedly set ablaze or damaged though formation on the attack sill coming out.

‘I strongly condemn the attack and am deeply concerned about the safety and security of civilians in Dikwa, including internally displaced people inside and outside camps and thousands of people who had returned to the community to rebuild their lives after years in displacement,’ he said.

Mr Kallon noted that the Boko Haram attack will affect the support being provided to nearly 100,000 people in the area by vatious aid organisations

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