VIDEO: Abuja Man Pays ‘Land Grabbers’ N5m To Vacate His Property

T Pumpy

A viral social media video has shown a man allegedly giving bundles of money running into millions of naira to illegal occupants of his land.

A twitter user, Adetutu Balogun, who shared the video on Tuesday, explained that the man identified as ‘T Pumpy’ paid alleged Fulani men huge sums to vacate his land.  

It’s not a ransom, the name of the guy paying in the video is Tpumpey a realtor in Abuja paying off Fulani on his land to vacate the place!!! 😑

— Adetutu Balogun, MBA (@Tutsy22) March 2, 2021

The video had appeared to many as one showing a negotiator surrounded by individuals and security officers as he paid over N5 million to supposed bandits in a deserted environment.

But Balogun explained that the man, who was spotted with police escorts, was actually paying illegal occupants to his land to peacefully leave his property without causing trouble.

She wrote: “It’s not a ransom, the name of the guy paying in the video is Tpumpey a realtor in Abuja paying off Fulani on his land to vacate the place!!!”

Tpumpey, as he was addressed by many, was seen with bundles of cash (N500,000 each) stashed in a polythene bag as he released 5 of the bundles to an aged man.

Some Nigerians who reacted to the video described it as a norm in the Federal Capital Territory, where alleged land grabbers take over peoples’ lands and demand for compensation before they leave.

Some of the twitter users said what transpired in the video could be likened to activities of “Omo onilers” in Lagos State, who extort land owners by demanding money for different stages of building construction. Below are some reactions:

In FCT they plant cashew trees on empty land which you have to pay for before you can access your land , also they build mud houses occupy your land and you cannot access it till you pay even the FCT development control would tell you to pay them to have access, very pathetic

— EzeBoulhassane Jennifer (@ezeboulhassane) March 2, 2021

Tpumpy Estate ED.He lives in my estate and he is a great guy in real estate….but wait a sec when was this @Tutsy22
Well he is doing this because the gbagi indegenes sold the place for them – the fulani ppl. Gbagi indegenes do the usual omonile in FCT too.

— Chuks Nnodim (@Nnodimchuks) March 2, 2021

Let me not talk but is this not what Omo Nile (Yoruba’s) do? They even starter it. You have to pay for foundation, fencing, decking, if the land has been dormant you still have to pay. Some sef na Deltan wey dey collect the money for Lagos, not exactly the same but similar.

— Homboi Paggy (@Paggy1_) March 2, 2021

In the FCT, people that have lived on a land for years but the land allocated to another are supposed to be paid compensation. There is a department that handles that on behalf of allottees. People don’t like to use that route because of long process involved.

— Fareedah Ibrahim (@fareedahibrahim) March 2, 2021

So they go and negotiate directly with the people on the land. It is mostly the gbagis but there are Fulani people that have lived on these lands for ages too. A little research would have answered these questions but no, we must politicize and sensationize everything in Nigeria.

— Fareedah Ibrahim (@fareedahibrahim) March 2, 2021

Well, million doesn’t even have value these days.
So forget the million, but why are we encouraging such payment when we could have resolved these things through negotiations and brotherliness.
These guys aren’t going to settle down, they will just hit the next point.

— Nwa-Ce||inus® (@divergentscout) March 2, 2021

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