When Oscar Ibru stared death in the eye

By Olushola Ricketts

All human beings have personal battles they fight daily. While some people come out unscathed, others are consumed by these battles.

Businessman Oscar Ibru fought a quiet battle recently – a battle with the deadly pandemic, COVID-19, which has ended many lives prematurely in Nigeria and beyond.

He contracted the virus and had to stay in an isolation centre for more than a month. It was a scary time for the Ibru Family who are yet to fully recover from the loss of his patriarch – business mogul, Michael Ibru, and founder of The Guardian, Alex Ibru.

Describing his experience in a message sent out to family and well-wishers, Oscar admitted he almost died.

He stated: “I almost died. No kidding. COVID-19 is Evil. 7 weeks and 2 days, man! Pneumonia, kidney, liver, collapsed lungs, cough like no other, fever. In short death. Finally unconscious. No breathing whatsoever. Doctors lost hope. I kicked that mother fucker’s ass. But he left some serious collateral damage. Thank God my heart was strong from some of those things we did in the days and at the same time being an athlete in the good old days”.

“My heart refused to quit. So, here I am, home at last. My brother, the shit was rough and painful as hell. I do not wish for a re-match. I lost over 10 direct friends in my 7 weeks of incarceration. Same hospital. The day I went in, Bolu came out on the way to the mortuary. The day I left (on my 2 feet), Kitty Rhodes left but flat on his back on the way to the morgue. Praise God. I must have done something right or I am about to. All I know is thank you God.”

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