Adegunwa shows support for music — Nairalovers

By Olushola Ricketts

Food and beverages company, Rite Foods Limited, is behind the rebirth of Nigerian Idol, a musical reality show once put on hold. The Managing Director, Seleem Adegunwa, has also reiterated the company’s desire to make it even bigger and better.

In a recent media meeting in Lagos, Adegunwa explained that his company was in support of the Nigerian Idol because it would bring out the best of many talents across the country.

He added that the gesture is also to express his company’s commitment to talent discovery in music and to express interest in the creative industry generally.

He stated: “For the best to be discovered and groomed, they have to be given the necessary push. There must be a propelling platform, which we believe the Nigerian idol provides. For us at Rite food Limited, we are committed to positive energy, talents in music and creativity that will earn Nigeria international accolades.”

The company’s inventiveness has earned high recognition in the energy drinks market with the first ever packaged polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottle brands for the Fearless Red Berry and Fearless Classic.

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