2023 Igbo presidency is fraud, Nigeria will experience something it never experienced before – Ayodele

Popular seer and founder, Inri Evangelical Spiritual Church, with
headquarters in Lagos, Primate Elijah Ayodele, made public the
2018/2019 And Beyond: Warnings to the Nation. In this interview
by Kehinde Oyetimi, the prophet speaks on various sections of
Nigeria’s polity as well as the international community.
Nigeria’s polity
I see a big fraud in NNPC. We will experience the things we have
never experienced as a nation in 2019. Our economy is still under
bondage. This government will re-strategise. But it won’t work.
There will be troubles in the CBN. Let us pray against explosions at
the CBN. Our naira will continue to wobble despite the things that
they are injecting into it. The CBN should be careful not to be
Let us pray for our telecommunications industry that one of the
founders does not a major health challenge. 9Mobile will still
change its name. I see someone taking it over. The
telecommunications sector will continue to have problems with the
The Boko Haram issue is not yet over. There are other terrorists
that are grooming themselves and Nigeria is among the countries
that they intend to invade. That is what God is showing me. Let us
pray against unnecessarily deaths in the Nigerian army; let us also
pray against mutiny in the army. Let us pray not to lose a senior
police officer between the ranks of CP and DIG. There are some
volatile states that the government must look into: Lagos, Ogun,
Oyo states.
We must pray against terminal diseases, water diseases, and
Ebola. Ebola is not yet over. We will record outbreak in Nigeria and
other African nations. Let us pray against gas explosion and
attacks on our pipelines. Let us pray against lack of petroleum
between December and February. Let us pray for our stock
market. Some companies will have problems there.
In its war with the senate, there will be several bills that the
president will not sign. Many people ran to the APC because they
are being threatened. They are not there with their mind. Let us
pray for our traditional rulers.
Lagos and Ambode
Since 2017, I have said it repeatedly that Governor Ambode’s
second term will not come on a silver platter. His deputy governor
will be changed but I see controversies surrounding the office of
the deputy governor. If they change Ambode as the party’s
candidate, APC will lose Lagos State. Ambode will deliver Lagos
State to the APC. Let them leave Ambode alone whatever he might
have done. He will make Lagos greater in his second term. But is
Ambode ready to fight for his second term? A time will come in the
future that a new leadership will emerge in Lagos State. If the party
does not settle the wrangling in their midst, APC will see fire in that
Ogun, Oyo and Imo
APC will have problems in Ogun State as well because the Yewa
agenda in APC will not work. If care is not taken, if PDP and ADC
bring out a good candidate, they will win in Ogun State.
In Oyo State, APC will have problems. They have to settle their
problems immediately. APC’s victory in the coming election is
shaky in Oyo State. In Delta State, the governor will have a lot of
issues. If APC desires to win in Delta State, they should use the
former speaker (one Victor) of the state House of Assembly during
Uduaghan’s tenure as governor. He is the one who can deliver.
The APC crisis in Imo State will escalate. PDP can win Imo State if
they bring out the right candidate. If PDP desires to win in Imo,
they should put aside sentiment and pick the choice of the people.
The forthcoming 2019 elections will be different from the 2015
elections. The elections will be tough. The fight will be serious.
People will come out en mass to vote. Nobody will allow rigging.
But the security agencies and INEC will cause a lot of problems;
selling of votes, using security to terrorise people, thugs to hijack
constituencies will be major problems. The South-West should not
underestimate the ADC, especially in Ogun, Oyo and even Lagos.
Akeredolu may not get second term in Ondo State. There will be
cracks in his government which he will not want to recognise until
the last minute. Yahaya Bello of Kogi State will have issues
because the people will fight against him.
God has power and he gives power. God has given PDP to Saraki
and he is the one who will unseat Buhari. I don’t know Saraki; I
have not met him. The impeachment of Saraki will cause a lot of
problems in the National Assembly. There will be pandemonium.
Removing him will create a lot trouble but many people will not
understand the implications. I am not saying that the Senate
should not impeach him. I am actually speaking the mind of God. I
said it in 2015 that Saraki would not end his term in the Senate as
an APC member. APC will still disintegrate. Allowing those people
to defect to APC will cause serious problems for the party.
Tinubu is a fantastic politician but he has not seen anything yet. I
see a major war between the loyalists of Tinubu and those of
Buhari. Mark my words. Despite Tinubu’s efforts for this
government, he will not be given his due regards.
PDP and its future
At the federal level, let the PDP ensure that their presidential
primary is free and fair. If it is free and fair, I still repeat it that
Saraki is a big factor. It doesn’t matter where he is coming from.
There are many factors that are on ground. Let there be
transparency and let the appropriate winner be recognised. The
core North assumption might not work. It was the same thing that
happened during Jonathan’s time. God blessed him and asked him
to take over. There are many mysteries surrounding the 2015
election. It is beyond human comprehension. The Saraki factor is
also beyond human reasoning. Let PDP engage in free, fair
primaries. If Saraki gets that ticket, it will be over for the APC. He
is the anointed person that can push PDP to the next level. They
should fortify that party.
Look at Donald Trump of the USA. He will not have a second term
and he will be faced with many problems. I have predicted it in my
book how Trump will handle African nations. If care is not taken,
Trump will destroy so many things even for America. The US
economy will not go as expected. The US Senate will be rubbished.
So many things will happen. The immigration law will not be in
order. America is in serious trouble. In my book, Warning to The
Nations, published in March this year, I predicted the death of John
The Igbos cannot get 2023. They are being deceived. I see a major
referendum. Our security is still under threat. I must say this.
Buhari is not well. He is not okay. He must watch his health. His
decision to force himself to go for a second term will cause
calamity for the nation. There are many things that the APC is
doing that are completely wrong. So many things will come up
which is why the PDP must quickly fortify its name.
If Fayose had listened to warnings, he would have remained
relevant. But his ignorance would not allow him. He is arrogant. He
would have been reigning now. God brought in opposition within
the ruling government. This government does not like to hear the
truth. It is too desperate, too selfish. Nigeria will use nuclear
source to power our energy. Our energy sector is not right at the
moment. Whatever I say, I know many people will push it aside.
Amaju Pinnick’s relevance is closed in the NFF. He will not come
back to the NFF. I don’t even see him on that seat anymore
because if he comes back, he will jeopardise our sports sector
completely. Let us pray not to lose any prominent person in our
sports sector. Our sports sector will experience a rebirth.
Foreign scene
The president of Benin Republic will face sanctions. The people will
go on protests against him. I see a lot of corruption in that
government. His second term in office is not certain. He will do
everything to clip the wings of the opposition so as not to contest
against him. His health is not strong.
Ghana’s president should work seriously on the economy
otherwise their forex may collapse. There will be problems in the
country’s economy. He should work tirelessly to achieve a second
term in office.
The British government should be careful because Theresa May
will face challenges towards the end of her term. Terrorism is not
yet over in Britain; they also want to attack America. The facts
between Russia and Trump will be revealed. There is no way that
Trump will not be rubbished. Israel, Syria should watchful against
unrest. North Korea and America will still have issues.

Can the south east (Igbo speaking tribe) produce the next Nigerian President come 2023?
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