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It does appear that there is need to bring to your notice serious
challenges facing students and parents of public higher institutions
in Nigeria.
It has to do with fee management in our public universities and
other tertiary institutions. The problem as I understand it:
1. Students are expected to pay their fees or charges as the case
may be.
2. Thousands of students are unable to meet their financial
obligations as at when due.
3. Steps and policies are put in place by various institutions to
enforce and compel compliance. I am aware of:
a. Show your fee payment receipts during examination or leave the
hall. I witnessed this at DELSU. I don’t know if this policy has
b. Pay your fees or incur various surcharges. Surcharges for late
registration for the session or non payment for the year.
c. Loss of session by students who don’t pay their charges by the
end of specified deadline as in the case of University of Port
Harcourt. Sometime in the first semester.
d. Loss of session by students who don’t pay by the end of the
session. Not any deadline set at the first semester.
e. Accumulation of fees by students until their final year or before
their graduation. Usually with surcharges.
4. Given the biting economy, many indigent students have been
unable to meet their obligations as at when due. There are cases
of students who are orphaned while in school.
5. There is the need for the immediate formulation of a common
policy to take care of the different categories of students.
6. Students don’t go to school for themselves alone but for the
good of society as well. As such government must find a middle
path on the issues.
7. Government should think of meeting with students and parents
to find a solution to the growing crisis over fee payment.
8. What has happened to bursaries to students? What has
happened to scholarship schemes by all ties of government? What
has happened to students loan schemes? What has happened to
the bank of Nigeria?
9. Government should meet with administrators of the various
institutions on what to do about shortfalls from delay in fee
payment by students. This is a vital part of the solution.
Finally, in a democracy political parties pay dearly for things they
overlook. I am aware that parents and students are venting their
anger on President Buhari and the APC over fee management
policies. The government must urgently distance itself and call
administrators to order to save APC from unnecessary blackmail. I write as a concerned APC

Precious Macaulay
Author: Precious Macaulay

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