22 type of men you need as husband

Marriages are failing and we must look up to the men who
aren’t just self acclaimed but God ordained head of homes

  1. Men who will stand up and pray and not misguidedly think that
    prayer was donated to Women
  2. Men who understand that they owe a duty to God to make
    marriage what God created it to be!
  3. Men who are not drunk in the liberty of independence but who
    defer to the word of God!
  4. Men who stand up to the devil and not to their wife as the
    enemy! Men who are consistent in faith and resolute in character
  5. Men who work their best and give their all for the family!
    Unselfish and committed to the home!
  6. A head who invests value into his woman!
  7. Men who are not afraid to be different, to go against the
    weakness of this age that has made fellow men monsters!
  8. Men whose erection is not the compass of their soul but whose
    conscience is alive!
  9. Men who are ready to withstand temptation when it comes and
    to resist every lure to make sin a norm!
  10. Men who understand leadership from the perspective of
    responsibility and not as dictatorship!
  11. Men who treat marriage not as ‘one of those things’ but who
    value and invest in it
  12. Men who would not cause her regrets! Men who understand
    that her life is not lost just because she gave them her trust!
  13. Men who understand that their wives have emotions that need
    to be carefully handled!
  14. Men who understand that making her a ‘Mrs’ is not the end of
    the road but making her feel perpetually worth it is the deal!
  15. Men who do not lift their hands or things against their wives
    and who do not emotionally abuse her!
  16. Men who understand leadership like football captaincy! You
    are still teammates on the same team!
  17. Men whose children learn to love their future spouses from
    how they see their father love their mother
  18. Men who can inspire their families to greatness! Men who
    generate belief and support
  19. Men who understand that their frustrations are meant to be
    poured on the throne of grace and not on their wives!
  20. Men who will not become painful prayer points for their wives!
  21. Men who are imperfect but who will never cease to chase
  22. Men who are not afraid to say sorry


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