Truth is, as a
married couple you don’t get to spend much time together. You
both are working, you come home tired with only a few hours to
spend together before sleeping. So it is heartbreaking as a wife
when your husband comes home late when it’s bedtime or doesn’t
come home at all. Wives set the mood of the house. So how does
a wife make her husband look forward to coming home?
1. “Start
the morning right” Start with a kiss, making love, with a prayer or
by speaking blessings upon his life. Make each other smile. How
the day starts shapes how it goes
2. “Part ways with love” When
you to go to your various jobs or when he leaves the house, let him
leave with a good feeling. Don’t let him go with you speaking harsh
words or with drama
3. “Flirt with him during the day” Send him a
naughty message. Tell him how sexy he is, the amazing stuff he
did with you in the morning. How horny you are. How much
you’re thinking about him
4. “Share with him deep stuff” Engage
him on intellectual thoughts. Be the person he chats with on
matters of mental stimulation
5. “Make him miss you” Don’t be all
up his face and time. Don’t be clingy. Give him his space for some
hours through out the day. Give him time to work. Because the
last time you two talked or connected he enjoyed it, he will miss
your company and run back home to it
6. “Don’t complain about
his spending less time at home” Many women wrongly think that
complaining to their husband will make him change, but actually
this only pushes their husband away. The secret is to inspire him
to change by creating an environment for him to change. Be smart.
Praise him more than you criticize him. Be the woman he used to
date. When you two were dating, you attracted him by making him
feel good. The more you make him feel good, the more he will
want more of you
7. “Give him good advise
8. “Be his buddy” Be the person
he laughs with, he jokes with, he plays around with. Instead of
complaining about him spending alot of time with his friends, ask
yourself what does he look for in his friends? He looks for fun and
a free and stress free environment he can express himself and be
himself. So be fun and give him that environment. Allow him to
have his male friends, but be the kind of buddy who is above his
friends. When he comes home, let him come to you, his wife but
also his best friend
9. “Host his friends” Open your home to his
friends and your friends. Let your friends meet his friends. Host a
barbecue or a nyama choma light event randomly. This will give
you and your husband a chance to host and brag together. When a
husband is proud of his home, he loves chilling at home
10. “Go
out more” Don’t let it be that the only time you and your husband
are together is at home. That can get boring over time. Spice
things up. Let him see other sides of you. Dress up, go out for
dates, go dancing, go for karaoke, go bowling, go to concerts and
events, travel, make memories. Break the monotony. Go to events
where you dress up and he looks at you saying, “Wow, you look
beautiful!”. Men love adventure. Give him adventure. Go to places
and break the whole ‘Always at home’ vibe. This will make your
home more valuable and special because you are not there all the
11. “Let him find his haven” Women tend to be controlling
when it comes to how the home looks. They choose the colour,
setting, design almost as a solo effort. This can make your
husband feel like he is a stranger in his own home. Consult him on
how the house should be decorated. But most importantly, allow
him some space in his house where he fully reigns. Whether a
study room, his space in the bedroom, a corner in the house, a
specific seat at home. Every man needs a safe haven in his own
home, a place to chill. Don’t take over the home yet want him to
feel cozy
12. “Allow him to drink at home” If the source of
contention is him going with his pals to drink and he claims all he
wants is a drink, then allow him to drink at home preferably when
the kids are asleep. Show him that home is home and he doesn’t
need to go to bars. It is better for him to drink at home than to be
out there till late doing all manner of things and risking a car
accident. When he drinks at home he will be better behaved. But
also show him there are other ways of relaxing and having fun
without involving alcohol. People turn to alcohol because they are
closed minded as adults. Expose him to more options without
fighting the alcohol. Slowly introduce him to more options and
alcohol will take less prominence in his life
13. “Need him” You
cannot show a man he is unwanted, incapable, of little value and
show off that you are Mrs. Independent then expect him to look
forward to coming home to you. Show him you need his presence.
Ask for his help and opinion. Speak of his goodness. Treat him
like a king not a boy. Men go where they are celebrated
14. “Be
good company” Be peaceful. Not moody and constantly
problematic. Men avoid complicated drama. They will avoid the
home if the home lacks peace. Remember you set the mood at
15. “Entice him with good food” When he knows at home
there is good food, he will pass the finest restaurants and hotels
just to eat your food. If you don’t know how to cook, learn. If you
have a house help then make sure the food cooked is good. If your
husband is the type to help out in the kitchen, make cooking fun.
If he is the type who cooks, cheer his cooking on. Food will bring
him home – Good food
16. “Play games” Play together competitive
games at home: Chess, poker, soduku, monopoly, Play Station.
You can do this once a week and make it competitive. Put a prize
up for grab. Winner wins something or gets a privilege. Men love a
challenge. Make being at home exciting. Sit down and watch
games with him on TV. Let his sporty side come alive at home.
Let him buy a big TV just for this if he wants to

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