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Around 54,000 people were evacuated from the southern Italy as experts worked to defuse a World War II bomb

54,000 Italian city of Brindisi on Sunday , in largest operation of its kind in country, media said.
British , one-metre (three-feet) long and weighing 200 kilogrammes (440-pounds), was found on November 2 during work on cinema.

device was damaged by workers’ equipment, making operation more tricky.

All residents within 1.5-kilometre radius , and gas supplies cut in homes within 500 metres of site.

Some air traffic and rail services also suspended.

More than 1,000 members of the security forces and 250 volunteers took part in the evacuation operation.

The AGI news agency said the evacuation of more than half Brindisi’s population of some 87,000 began on Saturday with the transfer of 217 prisoners other detention facilities.

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