29 ways to know a good, responsible and a successful husband

1. If you end up better than your Father, respectfully, that’s a success and proves you are hardworking

2. Some of our fathers hurt our mothers, perhaps they were blinded by a culture that enslaved women and made them almost worthless, you know better and should act better.

3. I know you grew up hating dysfunctional men. You detested those who abused women and who ran down their families for the pleasure of libido, but now you must show that you are different.

4. Who is influencing you?

5. If you are not accountable to your wife about where you are and when you come home and you think she has no right to ask or feel bad about your freelance habit, you are not a husband, you are a plague.

6. Only foolish men place friends above their wives! That kind of man is lost, childish and doesn’t know the value of marriage.

7. Why always her? Is there a covenant in the marriage vows that everything that goes wrong at home is her fault? Why are you nagging about everything when you barely lift a finger at home? Are you wicked to your wife?

8. Sounds harsh but a lot of men are out rightly inconsiderate, self- centered and arrogantly ‘above the law’ at home.

9. You have no regard for your wife’s jealousy emotion in how you take women but she can’t even give a man a handshake. Aren’t you double standard?.

10. When you come home, ‘terror has arrived’ and you feel you are in control; you don’t know what it means to be a man! You should be a cover not a monster.

11. When you found, chased and proposed to her, she was worth everything so much that you took her to the alter and married her. If you stop the chase, you will think she has lost the charm.

12. Your woman’s emotional state is a reflection of your capacity to manage your simple business of loving her. If marriage frustrates her, you are basically a failure.

13. Your wife is human, has emotions and is not a piece of furniture.

14. Your wife is afraid of you and you feel that validates your manhood? You are simply put a ‘bad man’. Be nice, loveable and in charge without tormenting everyone around.

15. Man up! A real man prays for his family. He is a pillar his wife and children can run to. He stands strong and his family can count on him.

16. Guy, no side chick will satisfy you. Do you realize that you have gone beyond cheating your wife and you are now cheating even the side chick? Discipline is what God intended for you, embrace it.

17. If your wife ends up with the pains of your mother, you are regressing and living in the past.

18. Your head is blank and you are confused! You are not so bad but you actually lack knowledge. Drop your pride; marriage is better than you have had it. Humble yourself and accept knowledge, in fact chase it and refresh your life.

19. Are you a man? Yes means you love your wife and family; you show it and they know it without a shadow of doubt. Yes also means even when your flaws are apparent, they see your heart and cannot deny your love.

20. God has shut the door of heaven to your prayers because you are maltreating your wife. 1 Peter 3:7

21. You have two father in-laws, the one on earth may not handle you, but the one in heaven will surely repay you for what you are doing to His daughter.

22. You should realize that taking the babies from you, carrying them 9 months, nursing them and running a home are such intense assignments. Be grateful, show and shower appreciation.

23. Your wife is a raw material. You are the workman. If she isn’t finished, your job isn’t finished! A carpenter doesn’t complain that the wood is raw, he works it. Stop complaining and start polishing

24. Be man enough to make your woman proud! Be man enough to make her truly happy.

25. Time and affection are your wife’s right! If you think it’s a privilege, you are treating her like a side chick not a wife and that means you don’t know what marriage is.

26. It is only a foolish man who marries a wife and expects his properties and money to keep her happy. She wasn’t smiling at dollars and pounds when she took the vow, she was smiling at a man who she felt could rock and roll her world. Go back home and be that man.

27. Marriages fail at the same alarming rate at which men fail to lead their homes and the truth is too many of them are too arrogant to read a book, listen to a message or take honest advice; blank heads who feel they know so much until their lives have spiralled out of all control. Calm down and learn.

28. Whilst you are keeping your emotion satisfied by all your adventures, who should be helping you keep your emotionally starved wife at home? Do you see why she finds it hard to respect you? When she sees you, all she sees is a man who is not man enough to be a man in his own house.

29. You will give account to God of what you did with your time as a husband and father and He will judge you fair and square.

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