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The love of a mother equals to none

Once upon a time,

There were two little ,

While they go hunting,

Their mother sat by the door,

Waiting by the seconds for her hardworking .

One day, these two little hunted just but a small rat,

Running home, they gave the little rat to their waiting mother to prepare and eat it,

For she was hungry and have nothing to eat.

Mother prepare the rat and waited for her two kids.

Two little kids arrived finally from hunting but without any rat.

Oh! How hungry we are, and mother would have prepared and eaten her rat, they said to each other.

When they got home, mother went into the house and bring with her a calabash.

Look and behold, the calabash was full of cooked spiced rat meat.

Little kids were surprised for their mother’s care.

They ate and were full.

They thanked their mother and sang praises of her.

Moral song

♥There is no one like mother to me,

♥♥No matter how far am from home,

♥♥♥I travel over sea,

♥♥♥♥I travel over land, no one like mother to me♥♥♥♥




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  1. Mothers are very caring

  2. Mother is the life of a good family

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