Happy new year to all of you I must congratulate you for being among the privileged many that scaled the 2018 hurdle to 2019. That said for 2019 to be a new year indeed there are some things you have to do as well as things not to do for a wise man said, ‘The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again with the hope of getting different results. One critical aspect is the people you call your friends, it is said that when you lie with dogs you will rise with fleas, when you move with wolves you learn how to howl but when you move with eagles you will learn to soar. A wise man said that, ‘You will be where you are in the next five years because of two things, the books you read and the company you keep. If a mediocre who labels himself or herself a friend does not give you any discomfort it is because you are a mediocre yourself.

Below are a couple of friends you should do without all through 2019 and beyond, with friends like these you are better off in the midst of your enemies

1 Domineering/Bossy Friend: This is a friend who everyone’s opinions are second to theirs, they like to boss everyone around making people pick the pins they dropped even though they fell right at their feet and they use the tools of manipulation, deception and intimidation to achieve their selfish aims. These are a no go area.

2 Parasitic/Pest Friend: This friend wants to get everything from you and yet he/she add no value to you. They expect you to make sacrifices for them yet they can’t do the same for you. The weapon at their disposal is guilt

3 Politician/Traitor: This friend is a politician with no political party he/she is attached to. To him/her you are just a means to an end and when they get what they want from you, they dump you like yesterdays news. The weapon is information you have kept safe with them which they will use against you or blackmail you with it.



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