3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Love Too Much

The hardest thing to control is love for someone; it is almost completely uncontrollable. But do we know that loving someone too much is not as much healthy as loving them enough?

Loving someone is good but loving them too much has consequences to the relationship and to the individuals in the relationship.

Here are 3 reasons why you shouldn’t love too much;

1. You will always feel so insecure

Too much love is always associated with insecurity.

When you love someone too much, you will always feel unsafe when they associate with other people of opposite sexes even if there is completely nothing intimate developing between them.

Insecurity is toxic to a relationship; this, therefore, means loving too much is posing potential breakage of your relationship.

2. You risk getting too hurt when things fall apart

When things fall apart between you two, you will probably be left heartbroken for a very long time and this would take time to heal.

People who love too much often feel so much hurt whenever things fall apart compared to people who love enough.

Too much love is dangerous to the soul.

3. You deprive your significant other of independence

Everybody needs their independent side of life; we all need to be somehow independent.

But when you love your significant other too much that you provide them with everything they need, they find the relationship tying them up and making them lose the urge of making ends meet for themselves.

When they realise you are giving them too much they start to pull out of the relationship just to ensure they get used to providing for themselves to avoid risks associated with break up.

Learn to love enough and not too much. Loving enough means not being there for everything and not being too available.

Don’t make life too easy for your partner. Give them the challenge to try something too.

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