Goodluck Ebele Jonathan the wisest president of all time in Nigeria

The previous president of Nigeria Dr Goodluck Ebele Jonathan have demonstrated that no question about his his wise thought, Nigerian all over the country have stated their beliefs that the former president is the most wise president in the history of Nigeria. However below are the quotes of Mr Good luck Ebele Jonathan. Which proves that he is a wise man
* “I don’t know where they are… there is no confirmation of the
location of the schoolgirls, you are a journalist, you know more
than me.”

* “If I exercise 40/50% of my powers, Nigerians would say I am a
dictator. Some African leaders who used only 60 were condemned
as dictators”

* “I assure you that we will get the girls out but we can only do it
with the co-operation of their parents and guardians.”
* “Over 70% of what they call corruption in Nigeria, is mere
common theft. The word corruption is being abused, it’s just mere

* “Even when I’m in church I am monitoring what is happening.
Anytime I get reports of an attack somewhere… my face will
change immediately… my expression will change. It used to
happen every Sunday.

* “Anytime I hear of any one Nigerian dies I feel pained… even if
it’s a Boko Haram member – I am their president.”
* “Pakistan terrorists have been fighting terrorism for over 10
years now so it’s not something that a 6 months State of
Emergency can solve.”

* “The Petroleum Minister has appeared before the Parliament for
over 200 days… in the Nigerian Parliament you’ll agree with me
that there is more politics than work.”

* “People have been confusing corruption with stealing. If public
officers steal money they term it under corruption….”
* “PDP is the champion. We are the ones holding the belt. We are
waiting to see the challenger”

* “The popular Nollywood wasn’t captured in the assessment of
the economy as Africa’s strongest’

* “If Sanusi hadn’t been suspended he would have come up with a
different figure… If anyone steals $50 billion or $20 billion
anywhere America will know, they will tell you where it is; it is their


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