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In one day, one village, 36 (and counting) lives snuffed out like chicken; just like that in Zamfara State. People have gone to farm, market and other places of work only to come back to their village and find their wives children and parents dead, murdered in cold blood.
May their souls rest in peace and Jannah be their final destination. But if anything will ruin and break this country, it is these killings. There is only enough that any country can take. It is too much.
Without reducing the pains of Nigerians all over. I believe no state has suffered like Zamfara and Plateau States over the last 10 years. How they manage to get through it all still beat all stretch of my imagination, and all sense of reasoning.
We seem to normalize these gruesome and evil acts as one of those things. We have come to see them as common. We just move pass through it all as if nothing happened.
Zamfara State has lost over 2,000 lives in just one year. If this latest one is not reported. People in Zamfara will just go about their lives as if nothing happened. Haka Allah Ya so (So God wants it), they will say. It is sad, and also stupid. Shout! Let the world hear you.
One thing is also clear though, we are usually outraged, angry and incensed only when the killers are foreigners, of different tribes or religion. The killings in Zamfara in their thousands go almost unnoticed because it is not intertribal, interethnic or interreligious, safe for just one or two news outlets.

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