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2019 budget: Saraki gives Senate committee Thursday deadline to submit report

The President, Bukola has given the ’s Appropriations until to submit the 2019 report.

Speaking on the floor of the chambers on Tuesday, said the report must be presented on , April 11, ahead of the April 16 approval of the money bill.

The Vice Chairman of the Appropriations , Sunny Ogbuoji informed the that only 24 out of 61 sub-committees had submitted their reports.

Reacting to Ogbuoji’s comment, said the Appropriations will be forced to use Executive submissions if the sub-committees fail to present their reports to the .

According to the President: “It is unfortunate that only 24 committees have submitted their reports. Last week, we all took a decision here that we are not going to waiver on our position. Our position is very clear: that all committees should submit (their reports). And those that don’t submit, then the Appropriations Committee should use the Executive submission.

“That position is still where we are. And I want to appeal to all our committees that you really have just till tomorrow (Wednesday) to make sure that your reports get to the Appropriations Committee because , you must lay this report.

“Vice Chairman of Appropriations Committee, if you don’t get report from our committees by tomorrow (Wednesday), then you just use the submission of the Executive. But come Thursday, you must lay that report.”

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