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The amir of Kano lives in so much affluence in midst of excruciating poverty, He should have started his anti poverty crusade from his palace by cutting down affluent lifestyle to  help the poor.

This things don’t come with mouthing alone.

When his friends asked how they could help after his Turbaning, he asked them for a new cars and they went in to frenzy to buy a month opening machines for him, the cost of one of those cars will extricate thousand of his people from excruciating poverty, but it’s OK as long as the poor one will cheer him with passion on their empty bellies as he cruises around the town with his “come and see cars”.

Put him side by side with the gateman who ask his boss to sink a borehole for his village instead of building a house for him as his retirement benefits and you’ll know one who sincerely mean well for his people and one who is just playing to the gallery propelled  wicked affluence around him.

The Amir is roundly guilty of all he advises against and lack of tact in handling issues.

Don’t throw mud at others and expect your hand to be sparkling clean without washing.

We shall all remember to accept the all consequences of our actions, after , the gods are to be blamed.

We should always be honest and justification of what transpired,

Life is full of wonders, if you believe or think you have the beginning, then no can guarantee you the end.

So to this, I may say we should know how to tackle issue withing the city and even nation at large.

What goes around must surely comes around.

It’s high time for masses to decide now and also understand the of the lies.


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  1. I just remember the word “the taming of a shrew”!!!

  2. Nice

  3. Ya

  4. That is a nice one

  5. Nice

  6. That is how they behave Mrs Adara black Animal under the skin of white sheep

  7. Oh God

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